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Momentum Day Trading Strategies Produce $3642 in Verified Gains

Another monster day in the Warrior Trading Chat Room!  In the last 2 trading days I’ve locked up over $7k using my momentum day trading strategies.  Today we hit a big winner on $ZYNE as a sympathy play on the news on $GWPH.  The reason $ZYNE was on the top of my watch list was because it met all my criteria for being a home run stop!  As soon as I saw the setup I prepared my orders pre-market for an entry at 8.25, by using a limit order of 8.30.  This allows a small amount of slippage.  I got in, added on the push up, and sold through the spikes to 8.90s, locking up a total of over $3071 in profit.  Not a bad way to start the day!  My next trade was a long on $AKER at 2.67.  I sold most of this position breakeven but some on the spike up to the 2.90s.  I then added back at 2.80 on the bull flag and sold on the spike to $3.00.  Total profit on $AKER was $557.  The last trade I took was on $BSPM.  This showed us a nearly perfect bull flag and provided an easy entry.  I locked up only $137 as I missed the good entry and chased the move using the first 1min pull back.  Every trade today was called out in our Day Trading Chat Room and was based on the day trading strategies we teach in our day trading courses.



$3,642 in Verified Gains Day Trading 3 stocks



Home Run Criteria for Momentum

  1. Former Runner
  2. Low Float (under 20mil shares)
  3. Fresh Catalyst (or in the case, sympathy catalyst works)
  4. Clean Daily Chart with no nearby resistance
  5. Gapper consolidating near high of pre-market range


Video Recap of my Day Trading Strategies


Two beautiful Momentum Day Trading Setups

Bull Flag Day Trading

Bull Flag Trading


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