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Over $10k in Profits on Momentum

Do you know where to find the Big Winners?

Hey everyone!  We’ve been enjoying some incredible trading in the last few weeks.  This week I locked up another $10k in profits by trading the biggest moving stocks in the market each day including $AKAO, $GBIM, $BSPM, and $JAGX.  I haven’t lost sight of the fact that I’ve made more in the last 3 weeks than I made in my first 2 years of trading!  Learning to trade was the most difficult and most challenging thing I ever tried to do.  My success is the result of years of experience.  My goal is to teach you everything I know about the markets so you can start trading profitably in a matter of weeks or months. That’s why we created our Day Trading Course and our Warrior Pro Mentor Courses.  In both classes I walk you through 15 chapters of trading education that span nearly 30 hours.  If you are ready to start profiting from the market we’d love to have you join us!


Finding the RIGHT Stocks to Trade

One of the first questions traders ask me how I find these big movers.  It’s pretty simple!  I use my customized Trade-Ideas scanners.  I have developed these scanners to look specifically for stocks with home run potential.  The scanners are so finely tuned that as soon as I see an alert I only need to take a quick look at the hart before jumping in.  Out of the thousands of stocks in the market that you could trade, there are usually only 5-10 worth trading each day.  So how do you identify these stocks?  We discuss this topic in detail in Chapter 3 of our Day Trading Class. In short, stocks worth trading will have high relative volume and lots of retail interest.  What creates high volume?  Breaking news!  The best setups are on stocks with breaking news.  But it’s important to realize that when a stock like $FB or $AAPL have breaking news they behave very differently from stocks like $GBIM, $BSPM or $AKAO.  This is a result of the Float.  Stocks with low floats trade with much more volatility, and as a result, have the potential to move 50-100% in a single day.  These are what we call Account Builder stocks!

Stock Scanners

My scanners search for low float stocks spiking with volume.  In fact my scanners are so finely tuned that they return a 2.50:1 profit loss ratio with nearly 50% success, meaning if I traded every single alert without doing Due Diligence I would still be profitable.  This scanners are available to all of ours students in the Day Trading Course. By adding a quick review of the daily chart, I’m able to trade with an 78% success rate on Momentum Strategy Alerts.  I rarely trade stocks hitting daily resistance, but when we have a good setup, I jump into the trade.  I have the confidence and experience to take large positions of A quality setups.  This means I can generate big profits on these trades!  I am aggressive on A quality setups and I refuse to trade a stock I don’t have at least an 80% confidence rating in.

Trade-Ideas Scanners




Verified Profits from June 13th – 17th



Thursday 61616 profits





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