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$11,522.58 in 2hrs Trading Momentum

$11,522.58 in 2hrs Trading Momentum

What an incredible day!  Today is my biggest winning day of the year and my single biggest winning trade of the year with $10,842 profit on $MPET.  I have to admit there is a backstory to why I was so aggressive on $MPET.  Yesterday, I was up $3k on $SHIP, and then took a nearly $7k loss and finished the day down $4k.  I was very frustrated with myself, as I noted in this video here.  I told myself this morning that it wasn’t my job to try to recover the entire loss from yesterday, but to simply rebuild 1 green day at a time.  With that said, I also told myself if you see a good setup, be aggressive.  I wait for the setups to come to me, rather than forcing them.  This is exactly what we teach in our classes.  If you want to learn more about my trading style, check out one of our free webinars here!


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Daily Watch List for Wednesday 8/3/2016


Wednesday 8/3/16 Stock to Watch

$KOOL 701k share float gapping up 45%.  Watching for a gap and go trade.  Headline: Cesca Therapeutics Announces Promising Results From 40-Month Follow-Up of Patients Enrolled in Critical Limb Ischemia Feasibility Study

$SZMK, 19mil share float gapping up 44%.  Buyout at 3.90.  Buyout being investigated by law firm for being undervalued for shareholders.  Headline: SIZMEK BUYOUT ALERT – National Securities Law Firm Seeks Higher Price for Sizmek Shareholders in Connection with Proposed Buyout, and Encourages Shareholders to Contact Law Firm for More Information

$NSYS 1.1mil share float gapping up 19%.  Possible long if it gets volume.  Headline from Aug 1st: Nortech Systems to Close Facility in Augusta, Wisconsin

$INVT 3.15mil share float gapping up 28%.  Possibele long over break of 2.00.  200ema is at 2.00, but above that it looks good.  Headline: Inventergy Innovations Enters Into a Commercial Agreement With Lopoco

$OMEX, 6.5mil share float gapping up 8%.  Continuation setup from Tuesday.  Watching long over 5.00 for Gap and Go trades.  Headline: No news that I’ve seen.



Total Gains





Choosing the Home Run Setup

I didn’t expect to see an A quality setup today.  This gap scanners were a bit weak, and even though $MPET was on the scanners, it wasn’t that interesting pre-market.  I saw the headline but there wasn’t much volume, so I looked at other setups.  However, as soon as the market opened, $MPET surged up 100% on 12,000x relative volume for a 5min candle.  When I saw it lighting up the scanners, I knew I wanted to get in for the break of 3.00.  I started adding at 2.90 and kept adding at 3.00, and again at 3.25.  I was being aggressive because just yesterday we traded $SHIP on the move from 4.00 to 8.00, and this setup looked almost the same.  On $SHIP I only got a partial fill and I regretted not adding more when it was low.  So this morning I said “NOT TODAY”, and jumped in with a FULL size position with a 3.16 average.  I had just over 10k shares when it spiked up to 3.62 and was halted on a circuit breaker.  It reopened over 4.00 giving me a nearly $10k profit instantly.  Instead of take the profit, I added $5k shares for the move to 5.00.  I ended up stopping out of the entire position after the 5.00 break failed, and net a total of $10,842, giving me my first 5 figure win of the year.