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$12,225 Profit Trading Momentum

$12,225 Profit Trading Momentum

Hey everyone!  It’s been an absolutely incredible week.  We’ve had some huge momentum trades every single day.  On Monday we of course had the memorial day holiday, on Tuesday we nailed $BOSC, Wednesday was $OPTT, Thursday was $AKAO, and Friday we hit both $JVA and $LBIO.  The grand total is $12,225 in trading profits in just 4 days.  My average winners have been 28 cents per share, and my average losers only 6 cents per share.  That nearly 5:1 profit loss ratio has allowed me to have one of the biggest weeks in recent history.  What’s the secret?  Learn to trade the Momentum Trading Strategy.  I don’t try to guess what is going to move, I wait for something to start to move, then I jump on that momentum.  It’s like surfing, when you see a wave starting to form you have to get ready to jump on and ride that wave.  If you are two early or two late, you’re not going to have a good time!

I teach students in our trading course exactly how to identify momentum by sharing my custom stock scanners.  Once you’ve found a momentum candidate on the scanner, it’s time to apply one of our standard entry setups.  We trade the first pullback, bull flags, flat top breakouts, opening range breakouts, red to green moves, and moving average pullbacks.  I encourage students to focus on mastering just 1 setup instead of trying to learn them all at once.  If you can master 1 setup, you can survive in the market, generating profits, while you learn other setups.


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