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Over $12k in 4 Days of Trading

Over $12k in 4 Days of Trading

Hey everyone!  What a week!  In the last 4 days I’ve locked up over $12k in profits, taking my account from $49k to over $60k.  This is a great mid-month hot streak we are seeing.  I have been trying to capitalize on these opportunities since I missed the huge moves we had last week on $DRYS.  I also knew that this week was a short week and I needed to make the most of the strong setups.  That means when I’ve seen strong stocks either on my watch list as soon as the bell rings I’ve been jumping in and being more aggressive than usual.  The other thing I’ve been doing different is taking profits when I have them.  The last few weeks I was being a bit more relaxed about holding positions up 1-2k and holding for a bigger move.  That kept not working out and as a result, I had 2 weeks of being either red, or having only small profits.  Now that we are close to the end of the month I’m trying to get my head back in the game so I can finish strong!

This month I’ve taken 2 days off, and we have 2 holidays.  That means 4 less trading days than usual and essentially $4k less profits vs the average of $1k/day.  So instead of a 20k month I’ll be looking at probably only 15k.  We’ll see how early next week looks.  If we keep seeing strong momentum I might be able to get myself over $20k.  In the meantime I’ll be enjoying the long weekend!  I’ll see everyone first thing next week.


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