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$1323 Profit with 100% Accuracy

$1323 Profit with 100% Accuracy

Great start to the week in the Warrior Trading Chat Room!  The last few days have been a little slower and it’s given us time to offer a ton of mid-day education to students in our chat room.  Today I only traded 5 stocks, but I was green on all 5 times.  Since trading has been slower, I’m ONLY trading A Quality Setups.  If it’s not an A, I don’t take the trade.  This means I may only trade 3-5 times / day, but I have a huge level of confidence in each trade I take and as a result, use larger positions.  This means with 5k shares a quick 20 cent winner is $1k profit and my daily goal is done.  This strategy is in contrast to traders who take 20-30 trades/day trying to make $50-100 on each trade.  At the end of the day we have similar P/L’s, but I have lower commissions, better accuracy, and have less exposure risk.  I’m a big advocate of quality vs quantity, and that’s what we deliver every day in the Warrior Trading Chat Room.


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