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+$1,395.88 on 3 stocks

Making Money Day Trading +$1.3k in 2hrs

This is a great start to the month of December!  This has been a bit of an unusual month because we’re 4 days into the month but I’ve lost 2 days due to travel.  I was flying to Las Vegas on Thursday (Dec 1st), then flew home on Monday (Dec 5th).  I planned to be home in time to trade on Monday but traffic in NYC was ridiculous then it was snowing when I got further north.  I thought 5hrs would give me enough time to get home before the bell rang, but I was wrong!  I can’t help but feel restless when I look at the clock and realize I’m missing the open, but it’s part of life.  Sometimes things will come up and we can’t trade that morning.  The best thing to do is NOT to try to make it up by trading in the afternoon, but simply wait for the next day.  I focus on trading my peak time of day and generally try to schedule travel and anything non-trading after 12pm.

All of this is to say I’m a bit behind on my target for the month (1k/day would put me at 4k right now).  I’m currently sitting at about $2800 in profits on the month.  The good news is that I know when I see a home run setup, I can quickly make 3-4k profits in a single day when we have good quality setups.  I’ll be able to catch up once we see some good quality setups!  I’m excited to see what the gapper scanner looks like tomorrow!  Make sure you check out the daily watch list of stocks to watch and join us in the chat room!