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+$14,087.44 as Crypto Mania hits Penny Stock & Small Cap Markets

crypto mania

+$14,087.44 as Crypto Mania hits Penny Stock & Small Cap Markets


All right everyone, so it is time for our midday market recap, and I’ve been holding you guys all in suspense as to how much I made today, not for any reason other than I lost my internet connection, and it took me a while to get back up.

So finishing the day up $14,087.44, not bad. Not bad at all. That puts me now at right around $74,000, $75,000 on the month. Last month was $80,000, a little over $80,000. So we actually have a shot now at December being the best month of the year. Last month was the best month of the year, but here we are closing in that number. All I need to do is make about $8,000 between now and next Friday. I’ve got six days to do it. I mean we’ll see what happens, I don’t want to jinx myself.

The first goal was … Gosh, what was the first goal? Now I can’t even remember. I had a goal, which was to make back what I had lost at the end of November, which was like $15,000, so I wanted to make that back. And then I wanted to break over $300,000. So I broke over $300,000. And now I’m at $326,000, and so I guess $350,000 might be nice, but let’s focus on trying to get over $80,000, which would make this the best month of the year.

What is causing this incredible volatility, these incredible opportunities every single day? Well it kind of seems like cryptomania has spread into the penny stock and small cap markets, which is … I mean it’s interesting, and it’s cool. We’re making a lot of money so might as well try to ride this momentum as long as we can.

Tomorrow at 1:00 PM eastern, I’m going to host a free webinar and during that webinar … The link to register will be in the description on this YouTube video, on the Facebook live it’s in the description, and I’ll post it here in the chatroom. During this webinar I’ll be talking about the strategies that I’ve used in 2017.

Starting on January 1st, with $583, traded the whole year live in front of every single one of you guys. We did a midday recap every single day. I posted my P&L every single day. I posted by broker statements at the end of every single month. From $583, as of today I’m at $326,000.

And what I set out to prove at the beginning of the year was that being a successful trader is not about having a lot of money. It’s not about having a background in finance. It’s just about having a strategy. That’s all you need is a strategy. A set of rules. And this is the same for the penny stock, small cap markets, as it is for the crypto space.

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, and you want to be profitable there, you need a strategy. The market is not forgiving. And I know that because as a beginner trader learning how to trade, my cumulative losses, all the losing trades, added up to over $895,000 in losing trades. And that’s over the course of several years. So think about that for a second. Almost a million dollars in losing trades.

Now I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world, because I needed to have every single one of those losses in order to analyze them, in order to understand what was not working, and then ultimately figure out what was working. At the end of my learning curve, I found a pattern in the market. I turned that pattern into a strategy and into a set of rules, that I now trade every single day.

This has been an incredible year. We’ve got six trading days left in the year. I’m not trying to swing for the fences and risk screwing anything up at the end of the year, I just want to keep building up on the profits, and this is the icing on the cake. It’s not the time to do anything crazy. That’s kind of where we’re at right now, $326,000 plus or minus.

I’ll show you guys the December trading challenge. We’ve got about 20 traders here. These are all Warrior Pro graduates, and we are working our way up to a quarter million dollars. We’re at $139,000 right now, so we’ve got a little ways to go. It hasn’t been the easiest month for everyone. It started a little choppy. You can see my P&L here though. The consistency is quite ridiculous.

I have one red day, minus $3,500. So I think in the last, let’s see … Let’s take a peak here. In the last … I’m trying to see, where was my first red day? Because I was on that hot streak. It was a … that was day 32, 33. And then I had a red day. So let’s see. I mean basically in the last 50 days, 60 days of trading, I’ve only had one, two, three red days. That accuracy is really on-point. I mean it’s not just accuracy, it’s consistency. Even if I have losing trades, I’m able to come out at the end of each day in the green.

So anyways, I’d love to have you guys register for the webinar tomorrow. If anyone hasn’t seen it, at the end of the webinar, I’ll invite a group of students to join us in our Warrior Pro classes, which will be really exciting. It’ll help all of you guys get off to 2018 feeling good, feeling confident and really setting the game plan, setting your intentions to become a full-time trader.

That’s coming up tomorrow, but we can look at the trades from this morning here. And John, also, fantastic day. Almost $10,000 for him. He’s at $33,000 on the month. Not bad at all.

But you can see, it’s been a tricky month. I mean it really … for a lot of traders it’s been tricky, and it’s been hard because we’ve seen stocks just go basically from 0 to 100. And I actually mean that almost literally, with LFIN going from $5 to $142 per share. And why would a stock go up that much? It’s because two days after their IPO they bought a cryptocurrency type of website. So they just really took off, and it’s absolutely crazy.

I want to show you guys how to capitalize on these opportunities, and so the name of the game right now is a willingness to be a little bit more aggressive. So my very first trade of the day was on any … Sorry, that was my second trade. My very first trade of the day today was on FTFT. Okay so FTFT, yesterday afternoon what did the stock do? It went from $2 all the way up to $5.79. And you know, I know everyone talks about how crazy the crypto markets are, and they are, absolutely. And now we’re seeing this level of volatility right in the regular market. And I find these a lot easier to trade.

For one, we only go down to two decimal points. Point zero zero, that’s it. Two decimal points. Cryptocurrencies go down to eight decimal points out, so I mean it’s … When you’re … June, enough girl.

So when you’re looking at these, it’s kind of crazy when you’re looking at the prices. But in any case, FTFT, from $2 squeezing up to $2.50. A little consolidation here, and this would have given us a possible entry at the half dollar, of $2.50.

Now I didn’t take the trade because it was afternoon, and I didn’t want to trade it. Squeezes up, taps a high of $3.73, and then what happens on the first one minute pull back? It gets bought up, and from $3.73 it goes right up to $5.79. So you know that’s two points. And within that range, if you saw this squeezing up, would you have felt comfortable jumping in at $4.00, or $4.50, or even $5.00? And the answer is, in a typical market, no.

But in a market like this, this is when we kind of have to be more aggressive because we’re seeing stocks just acting irrationally strong. And when they’re irrationally strong, we want to try to capitalize on it. So a big move there.

So this morning when I saw it on the scans, I thought continuation. Possible long over pre-market high of $3.85, and we’ll see if it goes higher. So the bell rings and right as the bell rang, I was having an issue with my internet. I was dealing with … I kind of lost my connection for a second. It came back up. I jumped in at 9:31. So I didn’t take a trade right out of the gates, my first trade was 9:31, buying at $3.80 and adding at $3.95, selling at $4.08, $4.04, $4.03 and $4.05. So that trade was $1,118, not bad. Green is good. So break of pre-market highs was the set up.

Now I was watching NETE, and I’ll tell you that I was feeling really kind of pissed off that I wanted to be buying this for the break of this pre-market pivot, which was right here at $20, and I was even kind of watching it. I had an order ready at $19, and what happens? The market opens, and it squeezes right up to $21.36, and I missed my trade because I was dealing with my internet being weird.

So finally it gets halted, it resumes. It opens lower, so that’s where I got in. Let’s see, let me scroll down. I got in at $19.86 with 2,500 shares, and boom. We squeezed up to $25. That’s five points, not bad. I sold half at right around $21, which was absolutely the right thing to do, because this thing moves fast. That was six second later. I sold more at $23. I then added at $23.50 and $23.78 hoping to sell at $24 and $25 on this little one minute pull back, and stopped out of the rest of it at $23 and $23.13. In total, $2,718. And so with that, I was up $3,600 on the day.

Next trade, MTSL. This one hit the scanners, and so when I saw it hit the scans I just looked at the level two on it, I looked at the price … Let me move this up a little bit. Where was this? Let’s see, there it is. So MTSL, I pulled it up. I saw it was squeezing up, and I thought, okay, we’re in this market where stocks just start to squeeze. And so as soon as I saw it, I knew it was above the half dollar, so I got in at $2.56. I just sort of jumped in with a 0.15 stop at $2.40.

So I figured all right, I’m risking $700, I’m already up $3,000, that’s okay. So I get in there, I add at 61. It squeezes up to 83. $3.08 and I ended up adding at $3.34, adding more at $4.00, and selling at $4.07, $4.06, $3.99 and $3.77. That’s a crazy move.

Again, this is one of those things where you look at this one minute chart and it’s kind of hard to see the right entry. The right entry would have been at $2.50. I got in at $2.56 and then I just kept adding as it was moving higher, because I was already up so much on the trade, and you just don’t know how high these will go. We’ve seen some of these go from $2 to $4 to $6 to $8 to $10 to $12. And this one didn’t happen to do that, but it could have just as easily done that.

And look at NETE this morning. I mean this stock is crazy. It went from $6 to $7 to $8 to $9, $10, $11, $12, $13, $14, $15, $16, $17, $18, all the way to a high of $25. They opened a cryptocurrency division, that’s what they did. So it’s just kind of bonkers, but a big opportunity there.

I didn’t trade it pre-market, I waited for the bell to ring. And then I said, “Okay, if this one’s strong, that’s great, I’ll look for the next one that shows strength, and the next one that looks really good.”

All right, so that was MTSL, and then I had JRJC. This was one was on our scanners. I jumped into this one at $3.80. This was a one minute micro pull back. All right, so you see this was the pop. I bought it right here on this pull back. Entry looking for the break of the high of day, which was $3.95. Added at 84 and 86, selling at $4.09, $4.13, $4.09. $927, not bad.

And then last trade of the day, BLIN. Actually, yeah … No, I think this was the last one. BLIN was on our watch list pre-market because it had earnings. So there was a reason it was gaping higher. And then this is kind of funny, because it was sort of just sideways and then all of sudden it popped up. And so as it started to pop up, I jumped in basically at the top, which was $3.65, $3.68 and $3.69. Again, 0.15 stop. At this point I was already up $9,000 on the day, so I said I’ll just set my stop at $3.50. I’m risking $800, $900, that’s fine.

It resumed from the halt, it squeezes up to $4, to $3.99. I tried to add at $3.99, I didn’t get filled. Again, got my rejection from my share size. We pop up, we tap a high of $4.45. I don’t think … Let’s see. No, I added at $4.16 and then I sold at $4.36 and $4.44. Not bad, one cent off the high of day. Sold the rest at $3.87, so that’s $4,281, and just again capitalizing on these opportunities.

Even though LFIN was a little bit too expensive for me to really feel comfortable on, I didn’t risk it. I stuck with my trading plan, focusing on stocks within my price range for the most part. And you can see how that’s working. I’m sitting at $70,000 plus on the month.

Last month I had a $45,000 day, the best day of my year. This month the biggest day has been $15,000, but I’ve had three $14,000 or $15,000 days. So that’s $45,000 in those three days. And then basically every other day has been between $4,000 and $6,000. Those add up really quickly.

For sure being a little bit more aggressive right now on share size. 7,500 shares trying to get up to 10,000 on some of these trades, not today, but I did yesterday. And I think this is the right time to be that aggressive. I mean we’re just seeing these great opportunities.

Now you guys who have been hanging out with me since January, who watched me go through the small account challenge and build my account up, you guys know that these are obviously the fun days to talk about, because we’re crushing it and making a ton of money, which is awesome. But not everyday is like this. The other side is that there are days and weeks and even months that end up being really slow, and that’s the ebb and flow of the market.

And it doesn’t matter what market you trade, penny stocks, small caps, large caps, cryptocurrency, whatever, you’re going to see that ebb and flow. And I have to remind myself of that because we look at the calendar here of my … Where do I … let’s see. I’m trying to figure out here. Performance by … I want to just look at my monthly. Oh here we go, okay, yeah this is it.

I’ll do net P&L. So this is my monthly performance this year. Started with $16,000 in January. $60,000 in February, March $28,000, and then April, I lost $4,000. I came to work every single day, I was trading every day, and I just wasn’t doing well. The summer, May, June, July, August, slow. It just happened to be really slow.

Now 2016 was the opposite. 2016 I made $30,000 in June, $30,000 in July, and another $30,000 in August. So that was a fantastic summer. This is the article in the Huffington Post, day trader makes $94,119 in three months. So you could see I’ve been doing some Christmas shopping at Nordstrom’s.

That was 2016. 2017, the great opportunities were January, February, March and October, November, December. And December’s only partially updated. I haven’t finished updating it, so we’re going to be up here for December.

But during these months, I was kind of asking myself, “Geez, I’m only making $6000, $7,000, what’s going on? This is getting a little bit frustrating. The market’s slow, we’re not seeing as many opportunities.” And it was hard to remind myself that things will pick up again.

I started to get a little impatient, especially down here in September after this five month stretch. But then boom, all of a sudden the momentum came back into the market. And here we have fantastic trades in October, November, December, and hopefully we’ll go into January feeling good and another strong month, January, February, March. And maybe this will be more typical of my trading.

This is actually closer to what my trading was like in terms of distribution of profits in years prior to 2016. 2016 was just really good in the summer for some reason.

Anyways, we just wanted to show you guys that, just so you remember that, yes, these are awesome days, we’re having a lot of fun, but they also have to tide us over for the inevitable slow patch that we’ll run up on. And whether that’s a month from now or three months from now, we don’t know, but just make sure you keep some of these profits in your rainy day fund so if things do slow down, you don’t feel like, oh my God, I got to trade my lease, or something because I was spending like I would make $80,000 a month for the whole year, and maybe I’d only make $80,000 a month for two months, and then the rest is back to $30,000 or $20,000, or whatever it might be.

That’s it for me here today. Finishing the day in the green. This is my 11th consecutive green day. About $65,000 profit in the last 11 days, and tomorrow we’ll hopefully have another good couple of trades.

Oh, shares traded. Let’s see. So 53 trades today, 45,000 shares removing liquidity, 35,000 adding liquidity. So about 80,000 shares traded today, 53 trades. Which is not too bad. I mean that’s not crazy high for me. It’s like a little bit of an above average day. High would be anything above 100,000 shares, and anything above 100 trades is high for me.

Tomorrow, 1:00 PM eastern, we’ll be hosting our webinar. It’ll be a lot of fun. You guys can click below to register. Announcements tab for the chatroom, description on YouTube, and description in Facebook. So look forward to seeing you guys there. We’ll hopefully have a great turn out, I think we will. So anyways, that’s tomorrow and we’ll try to finish up this week with a couple more solid trades.

All right, so that’s it for me. I’ll see all of you first thing tomorrow morning back here in the chatroom for pre-market analysis at 9:00 AM. See you guys in the morning.

Oh hey, I didn’t see you there. Well I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade. Hopefully it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts anytime I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.


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