Warrior Trading Blog

Mid Day Recap

Quotes from Students Today:

10:49 BD: +1044

10:49 MA: VRX bought at 113.26 and 110.49 sold at 117.41

10:49 James Chou: + over 5000 on VRX Thanks Ross and Mike

10:49 FB: between VRX and WTW, i have made half my salary in 3 days, this is crazy

10:47 TO: wow Ross, i took a 25 share position in vrx just to see ..and made $97. i didnt know you could make money with a $500 account trading a stock that is priced so high

10:39 FB: yea, it dropped 3k in profit before the order fired, but still +17285 total on the trade

10:50 LD: made about $2500 on VRX traded in and out a few times

10:50 KL.: +940

13:58 JV: in VRX 99 out 102…is it normal for your pulse to go from 70 to 130 while in this

Overall it was a very choppy day in the market! We didn’t see the resolution we were hoping for. The small caps I was trading made nice spikes but didn’t maintain those levels. The best trade on on TANH.