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+$19.6k On The Week And It’s Only Tuesday!


+$19.6k On The Week And It’s Only Tuesday!

All right, everyone. We’re going to do our midday market recap here, and we’ll do it a little on the early side, but I’m going to close up shop this morning up $4,205.87. Not bad. That’s about $20,000 in two days, and you can see today, it wasn’t all green trades. I had a couple of red trades on the positions window today, but overall I finished the day in the green and was able to, I think, stay on the right side of most of these trades.

One of the things I had to be really mindful of today was not overextending myself in terms of risk, because yesterday making $15,000, I knew there was a chance that today I would come into the market being too aggressive. I would think, “Well, geez. I made $15,000 yesterday. I can afford to lose two or three grand today.” Then suddenly, I’m mismanaging my risk, and I’ve done that many times.

I’m just going to write down here in my calendar. $4,205.87 on the 225th day of the year. Today is my … Let’s see … One, two, three, four, five, sixth consecutive green day, which is pretty good. All right. Anyways, yeah. I knew there was a risk that I was going to be just overly aggressive, and I had to be very mindful of tapering back, reducing the risk this morning, and just starting with my $500 to $1,000 daily goal.

The first trade out of the gates was on HMNY. 5,000 shares long at 70 and 75, trying to sell half at 97. This had a pre-market high of $12, and right out of the gates, it dipped down for a second, and so I thought, as it squeezed back up, I would get possibly a little red to green move. It tapped $12, and there was a 20,000 share seller right at $12. He was sitting there, and I thought, “Well, that might be an issue,” so I sold half at 97, thinking I can always add back if it does break 12. Then it dropped down to 11.55 on the bid, on the ask, 11.70, a bigger spread. So I put my shares on the ask, and I was able to sell at 75 and 70. In total, $417 on HMNY for my first trade out of the gates, which is not bad. $500 to $1,000 is my daily goal, so $417 is not bad for a minute into the day. That was HMNY.

Next trade was PTI. PTI, you can see, I’ve got $1,400 profit on it, and this is one that is up 175% today. This is a big day for it, so it was already moving up pre-market. It started, actually, after hours with … It was phase two news results that came out. This is therapeutics company. It popped up after hours, dropped back down. Pre-market this morning, it’s continued to move higher. We had pre-market high of 5.56.

I was watching this out of the gates, and you know, this is one of those days where I was watching for a possible scalp over the pre-market high, the same as HMNY. I had my order ready to get in at 5.50. It hit and broke 5.50 and went straight up to 5.64, which with 5,000 shares, probably would have also been around $400 profit. I didn’t take that trade. I was focused on HMNY instead. So this one pulls back. It drops down, and then it squeezes back up here, as you can see, and goes all the way up to 6.15. I added at 5.95, for the break over the whole dollar. So whenever I get in at half dollars and whole dollars, I usually have about a ten cent stop, and then a 10 to 15 cent profit target. So I’m in at 95, trying to sell at 13, no fill, so I sell on the bid, using my hot key to sell on the bid at 6.05, 6.03, and then I was able to sell a little bit at 6.14 and 6.02. A small win there on that first trade. It was like 500 bucks.

Now, between those two trades, I’m up about $928, which was not bad. Then I saw TRPX. TRPX … Well, actually, first we saw TIK. TIK popped up from 2.58 all the way to 4.50 and got halted. I didn’t trade it. I didn’t touch it on that first move, because I just noticed it was moving, but I thought I would have been chasing it, and so I just left it. So this is halted.

While this is halted, TRPX comes up on the scanners, and so I thought, “Okay. TIK just was really strong. This one’s hitting the scanners. I’m going to jump in.” You can see, I bought 2,395 shares at 7.01. It hit the high of 7.12, and then it’s halted for 10 minutes. What’s really interesting on this one, which we really haven’t seen very much of, is it resumed all the way back down here at 6.05. It resumed a dollar lower than it halted at, and so on that one, it ended up popping back up to 6.90. I ended up stopping out of it … Let’s see. Where did I stop out? I stopped out at 6.35 for a $1,500 loss. In between that, I took a trade on TIK from 5.85 to 6.14, which gave me 500 bucks or $600 … Yeah. $536.

So I have a trade on HMNY, $400. A trade on TIK, $500. A trade on PTI, $500, and then I lost $1,500 on this trade. At that moment, when I pressed the sell button on TRPX, I was down $100 on the day. I was like, “Dang it. That was quick.” All of a sudden, I’m back to down 100. However, right after TIK, we saw PYDS hit the scanners. PYDS hit the scanners, and I jumped in it, entering at 2.75, 2.78, and adding at 3 and 3.10. So I had 6,000 shares of this, with an average of, I think it was 2.89 or something like that, just under 2.90. It resumed higher.

I, again, on this one, if I go into my warnings, I tried to add at 3.50, but I got an error that my max position size was too large, because I already had 6,000 shares. I overrode it to add here at 3.10, but I didn’t have time to override it when I tried to add at 3.50. So I got rejected on that add, and then I decided … Let’s see … to sell at 54, and then I added back at 45 and 47 and sold that at 58, 57, 49, and so on. You can see, that trade is the one that gave me the big winner for 6,000, 7,000 shares from 2.88 all the way up to 3.58. Awesome trade there. That was the big winner. From that, I basically went from down 100 bucks to green by 4,000, basically.

Then I took a trade on LEDS, as you can see here, LEDS. I lost 650 bucks on it. This was a trade out of the halt. It got halted again. It started to squeeze up, so I added on LEDS at 72, and I stopped out at 46. 2,500 shares, 30 cents, 650 bucks. So stopped out of that one, and at that point, I was up like 32, 3,300, and then I took a couple more trades on PTI, as you can see here. Those got me back up to plus 4,200 on the day.

This was a day that was a little bit choppy. My accuracy … Let’s see. If I have everything in here. I had it looks like just two losers, which is not bad. Accuracy today was 75%. Accuracy yesterday was 62%, so accuracy maybe been a little lower, but having some big winners really helps balance that out. So a couple of big winners today. Really one on PYDS and a couple of decent ones on PTI. If it weren’t for PYDS, I’d basically only be up 200 bucks today. You can see how that one trade really makes a big difference. Anyway, so that’s where I’m finishing here this morning, which is pretty good.

For our December challenge, I’m going to type in my P&L today. $4205.87. All right. Make that green. You can see yesterday, the team made a total of $40,544.90. Not bad. We only actually … Shauna is the only one that lost yesterday, but she only lost 34 bucks, so not bad. Overall, really good across the board. We’ve got a couple of traders who haven’t found equality setups yet, which is fine. It’s a different approach than I have. I trade every single day. Other traders sit and wait for equality setups, and then they swing harder when they see them, and that works, too.

Steve, he’s getting himself back in the green, which is good. Make that green for him. John, in the green. I’m just going to change this to this shade, make it consistent. John, he’s got 5,400 bucks today. Very nice for him. He’s got himself back on the leader board. Let’s see. He’s in third place right now, it looks like. I’ve got my 32,000. Dean has 12,000. John is sitting with 10,000, and then everyone else is kind of somewhere behind there.

Anyways, that’s where we sit here. Sitting at $70,000. We’re about halfway through the month or getting close to it, so we’ve got a little ways to go here to get to $250,000, to get to a quarter million, but you know what? A couple more days like yesterday, and we’re going to get there quick. That’s kind of part of the deal. Sometimes it’s a little slow to get started, and then you start to get some momentum, and things pick up a little bit.

All right. Anyways, that’s where we sit for the quarter million dollar December challenge. We’ll see how things look today. Right now, I’ve got 11,000, but a lot of traders still have to update their P&L. We’ll wait on traders to upload that, and then I’ll show you where we stand during our midday market recap tomorrow. All right.

Anyways, that’s about it for me today. It’s kind of a snowy day here, and I think I’ll go outside, do a little shoveling, and feel good about two really good days in a row. 15,000 yesterday, 4,200 today. That’s … Let’s see. I’m sitting at $19,600 on the week, and it’s only Tuesday. Not bad at all. My commissions are $2.50 per trade, Mike. Everyone that’s a warrior pro student, you guys get $2 per trade. Mine is $2.50 per trade.

All right. That’s it for me. I hope you guys have a great afternoon, and I will see you all first thing tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m. for pre-market analysis. We’ll break down a watch list and hopefully see a couple good stocks to trade tomorrow morning. All right. I’ll see you guys in the morning.

Oh, hey. I didn’t see you there. I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade. Hopefully, it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts any time I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.