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$2198 in 2 Momentum Trades

Over $2k on 2 Momentum Trades



This is turning how to be a monster week!  Even though it’s a short week with the Memorial Day holiday, I’ve locked up huge wins everyday.  Tuesday we had $BOSC, Wednesday we had $OPTT, and today we had $AKAO.  I’m up over $8k on the week just trading Momentum for 2hrs a day.  The incredible part is that these trades are all based on the strategies we teach in our Day Trading Course.  We routinely have students locking up just as much profit as me, if not more.  We had several students enter $AKAO today in the 3.90’s even though I didn’t get filled until 4.88.  From 4.88 I still made money on the squeeze to 6.00.  These momentum trades have such a huge amount of potential even if you can’t capture the entire move if you can capture a portion of it you are still doing well. I tried to take 5k shares at 3.90 and that would have been awesome, but I didn’t get any filled.


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