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$2860 on 3 Momentum Day Trades

Momentum Day Trading Strategy


Trading Momentum and Locking Up Profits

The sun was shinning on us today in the Warrior Trading Chat Room!  Another solid day with $2860 in profits by lunch time.  I traded three momentum stocks, $AKAO, $BSPM, and $LBIX.  I show our students again and again that you don’t have to over trade to make a great living.  I take ONLY the best quality setups, knowing that even those don’t always work.   Reducing my standard to take low quality setups is a recipe for quick and unnecessary losses.  Today I managed my risk, traded aggressively, and walked away green on all three stocks that I traded.  I couldn’t ask for a better day!  Each trade was based on either my Gap and Go strategy, or my Momentum Trading strategy.



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