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Finishing my 30th Consecutive Green Day +$60k in 30 days!

30th consecutive

Finishing my 30th Consecutive Green Day +$60k in 30 days!


All right, everyone. Let’s go over our midday recap. We’ll go over the trades from today. This has been a little bit of a slow start to the week. This is my second worst day of the month, with $663, so $663.88 for me. However, this is my 30th consecutive green day. In the last 30 days I’ve made over $60,000, so it’s been a really good 30 days. Today’s one of those days where I just didn’t want to push it.

I actually did push it a little bit more than I should’ve. I had 81 executions today, so I over traded. I started the day green by like 150 bucks, and then I was red $24, and then I was green $480, then I was red $45, then I was green $690, then I was green $1,000, green $1,200, green $1,300, and then green only $700.

Then I ended with another small loss, so $663. So I definitely over traded a little bit today, and I just finally decided, “Okay, you know what? I’m not seeing momentum, I’m not seeing the follow-through. I’m just going to call it a day here and be happy with profit, happy to finish another consecutive green day, and just come back tomorrow where hopefully we see better opportunities.”

We’ll go over the trades from today, and you guys can see where I’m at. I’ll show you our P&L here for the November 100K challenge. November 100K challenge, let’s see. I’ll turn this around for you guys on Facebook. We’re at $88,659 as of right now. We’re waiting for several more people to update their trades for today. So far, today we’ve got myself, $663; Mike, $3,000; John, $2,400; Shana, red $670; and everyone else we’re waiting for them to put in their numbers.

My focus for myself has been really a consistency challenge, trying to be green every single day rather than trying to swing for the fences. We just happen to have had a really great run here. Anyways, these are our totals here on the month. Mike and I are both over $20,000, Jeff around $10,000, Roberto $2,200, John $16,000, and the rest of the guys between $1,000 and $7,000.

So not bad. I think we’re definitely going to break over the 100K mark here this week. Maybe that’ll even be tomorrow, which would be really exciting because that still leaves us almost two and a half full weeks of November to stack up some more profits.

Next week obviously is going to be a little bit of a short week with Thanksgiving on Thursday, and then Black Friday the 24th. A lot of people don’t even trade that day, but we’ll see if … I don’t know, we’ll play it by ear. I’m not sure if I’m going to trade that day either. We’ve got a little bit of a short week next week, really Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and then the 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th. So we’ll see what we can do.

Anyways, let’s go over today’s trades. I’ll move this out of the way, and we can break it down. Today I said right out of the gates at 9 am, I said, “I’m not sure that I’m going to be aggressive today. I think I’m going to reduce my share size.” I actually ended up trading pretty much, for the most part, with regular share size. But I was just feeling like we weren’t pre-market seeing a lot of good setups.

Our leading gapper this morning, the biggest gapper, was NVFY. NVFY gapping up, this was gapping like 50%, and look at it. Hit a high of $3.10, and now it’s at $2.32, just another weak gapper. I have $150 loss on it. It wasn’t an easy one. It wasn’t clean, it didn’t give us that big move that we wanted.

Even pre-market it started to break down. That was on the list. CAPR was on the list. This one I traded and made 100 bucks on. Again, these are very small winners and small losers. I mean, it’s not anything to be super excited about. The move here from $2.70 up to $3.20 and then back down to $2.80, so not very very clean.

Right out of the gates we had a pre-market high of $2.73, so I jumped in this at $2.74 and $2.75 for the break of the pre-market highs. I tried to sell some at 80 and 82. I didn’t get filled. I sold half at 75. I tried to sell more at 82, again, didn’t get filled. Sold some more at 78 and 75, so just didn’t end up working out super well. I think on that first trade I either made a very small amount or … It just wasn’t a very big winner. Small win there. I believe I got back into it. We’ll look at that trade in a second.

First trade on CAPR, trying to go for a break of pre-market highs, ended up obviously going up to $3.12 but it wasn’t clean on that first move. Then I jump at NVFY at $2.86. I was looking for it to break over $3 as it surged up here right out of the gates. It hit a high of $2.87, and obviously that didn’t work so I stopped out at $2.80, boom, lost $250 bucks, 2,500 shares. I wasn’t as aggressive on that one.

Then I get back in CAPR for the break of $3 at $2.95 and $2.96 and $3, but it only pops up to $3.04. I try selling the ask, I don’t get filled, I sell at $3.02, $3.03, finally a little at $3.04. Added back at $3.10, tried to sell at $3.14. I didn’t get filled, so I stopped out at $3. Ended up losing some money on that, losing 500 bucks. I went from up 600 on it or whatever, 4, 500, to red. I guess at that point up 100 bucks.

Next trade was EKSO. I jumped in this at $2.35. Josh, you don’t need to have $25,000 to day trade. You do if you’re going to trade with a US firm like Lightspeed or E-Trade or Ameritrade, but there are some firms in the Bahamas that don’t enforce the PET rule. EKSO, you can see this starting to pop up.

I jumped in at $2.35, $2.37, $2.40 as it broke over the 200 moving average, just tried to ride the momentum. Squeezed up to a high of 65, tried to sell at 49, no fill, sold some at 46, 47, 48, 43. Added back at 50, sold some at 53 and 55, 56. You know, this ended up being the best trade of the day, but it just wasn’t super clean. Someone called this one out in the chat room. I didn’t actually see it on the scanners at all.

Next one was ZX. This one was halted, and actually it was a great trade. It’s sad that I’m red on this name. You can see how it pops here from $1.30 all the way up to $2.32. I added at $1.85 after the circuit breaker halt, so we resumed from the halt, I added on that, we hit a high of $2.13.

I sold at $2.01, I guess tried to sell at $2.10, didn’t get filled, sold more at $2.01, $2, and some at $1.93. I then added back at $2.20, sold at $2.25 and $2.22, added back here at $2.30, and then sold for a $750 loss back here at $2. I went from being up on it to red, and then this is kind of the point where I started overtrading.

I jumped right then into BSPM at $1.98, tried to sell at $2.08, got filled on the ask. You can see BSPM. I only made $29 on it, though. It just ended up being mostly sideways, and I stopped out most of it break even. Then, at the same time, I got back into ZX so now I’m in two trades at once, trying to manage two of them at once.

I didn’t do that very well. I ended up losing another 600 bucks on ZX and finally stopping out of BSPM, so just kind of sloppy there. It wasn’t clean at all. I was being too aggressive. I was frustrated, I think, at that point that I’d gone from being up at $1,300 to up only $600 or $700. I was trying to get myself back up over $1,000, and that just ended up not working.

Took a couple trades on CREG. This one, I squeezed up, hit our scanners, was halted on a circuit breaker. At $6.14, it resumes, squeezes up to $7. I scalped it in those moves, but ultimately I only ended up making $600 on it. I had added at the very high, you can see a bunch of trades, added a little bit at $7, ended up stopping out about at 270, so right there I lost 600 bucks on that drop because I had 2,000 shares and an average of around 288 or 290, so maybe $400 that I lost.

Overall, today wasn’t very clean and so by 10:40 I said, “You know what, I’m going to throw in the towel. I’ve over traded today. I’ve taken too many trades. I’m not going to keep pushing my luck. If I take another 2, 3,000 share position and I lose 20 cents, I’m going to be back to break even on the day and I’d really much rather finish the day in the green.”

Today’s a day where, pre-market, I didn’t see anything that looked really good. We did end up seeing some things pop up. John, he got on the better side of a lot of these trades than I did, traded, for the most part, the same stocks and made $2,400 bucks.

I probably could’ve been more in the green if I didn’t get so aggressive on CREG, adding up in the $7 range. If I’d kept my profit, this is a $1,200 swing here because I was up 600 bucks on ZX, and now I’m down 600. Add 1,200 to that, and you’re at 1,800. Add another 300 bucks or 400 bucks on CREG instead of selling, and now I’m at 2,200 bucks.

You know, it’s just a slight little difference and I was a little more aggressive today, and not for a good reason, really, because today didn’t show us a lot of good opportunities. I just pushed it a little too hard. Happy to finish the day green. As you can see here, worst day of the month was the first day.

This is the second worst day of the month. Last Monday, I didn’t trade. Tuesday was only $789, but you know what? Last Wednesday, Thursday, Friday in those three days I made $14,000. There’s nothing wrong with sitting tight right now and waiting for better opportunities to come along. At this point, we’ll just be done for today and we’ll see how things look for tomorrow morning. Hopefully, we see some good opportunities.

Those of you watching on Facebook and YouTube, you guys can leave comments here. I’ll come back and answer them later. You can, of course, follow the 100K challenge over on our website or watch it in real time in the chat room. I hope you guys all have a good afternoon, and I will see you first thing tomorrow morning. Okay, bye guys.

Oh, hey. I didn’t see you there. Well, I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade. Hopefully it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts any time I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.