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+$3109.57 in 1 trade

Weekly Goal in 1 day trade

What a day!  I thought it was going to be a slow day this morning.  Our Gap Scanner had a few interesting setups today including $BLFS, $CETX, and $REN.  $BLFS was squeezing up with an interesting headline about a 10 year agreement with Kite Pharma.  This sounded really interesting but it had already gapped up 90%.  At the open it sold off although it eventually squeezed back up through high of day.  I ended up not trading this one because I could tell it was going to be weak at the open.  The first stock to hit our HOD Scanner was $REN.  I jumped into this one with 5k shares at 4.58, it squeezed up into the 4.70’s but I was looking for a move to $5.00.  I ended up stopping out with $39.50 in profits.

Next one to hit the HOD momo scanner was $NFEC.  This was the big one today!  As it hit the scanners I knew it had bit potential.  It hit the scanners with 11,000% relative Social Mentions and 69,000% volume spike.  Without looking at the chart for more than a few seconds I jumped in with a 5000 share order.  I got filled just over 3700 shares at 1.26 and then the stock was halted on a circuit breaker.  We reopened higher and I held while it squeezed 10% and was halted again.  We reopened again higher, and I started selling around 2.10, selling my entire position as the price dropped down towards 2.05 and 2.00.  In total, I locked up $3109.57 on this trade.  This stock had no news to account for the move and ended up giving back the entire move.

Some traders said hey, these stocks only go up because you alert them in the day trading chat room and traders follow you.  This is simply not true.  In the case of $NFEC, stock had already spiked up 60% before I saw the alert, with a 69,000% volume spike.  I, like tens of thousands of other traders using Trade-Ideas, was alerted to the stock on my stock scanners.  When I see stocks with a combination of low float and extreme volume spikes I almost always jump in because they can be the ones that run 1,000%.  These will run with or without me.  On that note, remember $BGI?  The 800% runner that was halted more than a dozen times?  Guess what?  I didn’t trade that one at all because I felt I missed the best entry.  Some traders are quick to jump to make accusations, but the reality is, the market is driven by hundreds of thousands of individual traders, all looking for the same thing.  They are looking for stocks with home run potential & the ability to generate big returns.  Today it was $NFEC, it’s anyone’s guess which one will pop up on those scanners tomorrow.  My job as a trader and as an educator is to point students in the direction of the biggest movers.  Today’s trades were straight out of our Day Trading Course.  If you have any questions feel free to email me or call me!

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