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$3k on 10 Stocks in 3hrs

The Window of Opportunity!

The momentum continues!  This has been an incredible week.  In the last 6 days I’ve generated over $20k in profits, all verified from my trading account.  Today I added $3239.62 to the totals with big wins on $AEHR and $CALI.   My biggest frustration was missing $HMNY.  I took a few trades on it, then gave back those profits on an afternoon trade with slippage.  So frustrating!  This exemplifies what happens when you let the fear of missing out overtake your common sense.  I missed a good entry and I prob should have just sat on the sidelines.  The good news is that on 10 stocks, I’m only red on 1 name.  Not bad at all!  In fact, my accuracy his week is coming in at 88% as of today.



I’m up over $18k for the month of June and it’s only June 7th!  What an awesome start to the summer!  What’s really important is that these strategies work not only for me, but for hundreds of our students.  Today, with over 1000 traders in the chat room, we had a students reporting $5k, $10k, and even $15k winners on the stocks we were trading.  These are students who are making more money in a single day than I’ve made all week!  They have mastered the strategy and their have a higher risk tolerance than I do.  I’m proud to see them doing so well.


While the market continues to be extremely strong for the momentum names I’ll be trading larger size.  My position sizes have increased to an average of 3k shares, but I’m not afraid to take 6-8k on strong setups.  When the market is strong it’s important to capitalize on this opportunity.


Being from Vermont I grew up around the Maple Syrup industry.  The tricky thing about sugaring is that you have a very small window in the spring where you can collect and boil down the sap.  Once that window is gone, you have to wait till next year.  As a result, the kids in school would take weeks off school to help the family business, as their parents were working around the clock to collect as much sap as possible.  I think of these hot cycles in trading in a similar way.  We know our time is limited and we have to be as aggressive as possible.  I’ll be back at it tomorrow morning looking for the next big mover!


Trades from Tuesday


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