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$4813 Profit in 2 Days

Booking Profits Day Trading Momentum

Hey everyone!  Another strong day for students in our chat room!  Yesterday I locked up over $3k and today I finished with $1718.  That puts me up nearly $5k in just 2 days of trading.  In other words, that’s 1/2 my monthly goal of $10k/mo.  Here’s the problem most traders face.  They make $5k in two weeks, then they give it ALL back over the next week, putting them right back to square one.  Why do so many traders do this?  It’s a natural habit that we want to see increasingly bigger wins but sometimes the market doesn’t want to give them to us.  Traders who force trades find themselves on the losing side of the equity curve.  If you want to take more from the market than you give back, you have to learn when to take your money and shut own the platform!  I trade extremely aggressively, then step away from the market.  It’s with precision and meticulous execution that I take my trades.   This is exactly what we teach in our day trading courses.

Making a Living as a Day Trader

Just think, if you can develop just 1 strategy that produces 3-5 trade opportunities/week, you can make a living as a trader.  Many beginner traders take the exact opposite approach.  They try to learn 5 different strategies so they can trade 5-10 times per day.  I’ve always focused on quality vs quantity.  I knew that if I could master just 1 strategy an have confidence in it I could make my weekly goal with just trade.  That’s what I’m doing day after day, and it’s why I just made 1/2 my monthly goal in 2 days.  Imagine if you had the confidence to take 5000 shares of an A quality setup and hold it for 50 cents profit?  That’s $2500 profit.  How many trades like that would you need to take each week?  Not very many!  That’s the ticket to success.  You don’t want to be a jack of all trades (no pun intended), and a master of none.  You must master 1 strategy.  I would suggest you start with our Momentum Day Trading Strategy.


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