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$4k on 4 stocks in 2hrs

The Momentum Doesn’t Stop!

Another huge day in the market today with big moves from $GBIM and $COYN.  The momentum is continuing and I couldn’t be happier!  I locked up another $4,005 before commissions by 11:30am.  I’m up $3,815 after commissions.  I’ll be watching stocks going into the afternoon to see if I can add some extra profit onto the day.  Typically I have my biggest winners from 9:30am-11:30am.  Knowing this is the time of day I perform the best is important.  This knowledge allows me to be more aggressive during the time of day when I typically trade the best, and more conservative during the time of day when my accuracy isn’t’ as good.  Lunch time and afternoons have always been a more difficult time of day for me to trade, so I respond to those statistics and trade with smaller size.  It’s common sense, but a lot of traders don’t even keep trade of their statistics!  You can start tracking your trades in the same excel doc that I use.  We make this available to all of our chat room members & students!

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