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+$5465 on $ORPN in 25min

This was a monster day trade and it was straight off our FREE daily watch list.  I said I was watching $ORPN out of the gates but that it needed more volume.  I didn’t take the break of pre-market highs, but I did enter on the first pullback once I saw volume was coming into the name.  My first entry was for the break of $4.50 and the move toward $5.00.  I traded this all the way up through the $7.00 breakout.  This was one of my biggest single trade winners in a long time.  I was so confident I traded this in 2 of my trading accounts, for a total profit of $5465 in less than 25min.  The entire trade was recorded and will be added to the archives for our Day Trading Course Students.


From the Free Daily Watch List

$ORNP, Float is 4.09m shares, gapping up 45% on extremely light vol. Need to see the vol. – Headline BioBlast Pharma Reports Positive Phase 2 HOPEMD Open-Label Clinical Study Of Trehalose 90mg/ml in OPMD, Was observed To Be Safe & Well-Tolderated





Our students are doing well.  I think this one was a little difficult because the spreads were so big, and if you marketed in and our, you likely got a lot of slippage.  I like to see these polls in the 80% range, but 70% isn’t bad.  Good job everyone!



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