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$6,115.98 in 2 Mornings of Day Trading

$6,115.98 in 2 Mornings of Day Trading

Today was a close call!  I thought for sure I was going to close the day red after losing $796.13 on $PODD.  That was a high risk trade, it was sloppy, and I shouldn’t have taken it.  That trade put me down over $300 on the morning.  Keeping my mind on the big picture I told myself being down $300 isn’t that big of a deal.  Afterall, yesterday I made nearly $5k.  I have a max loss of $1000 which means if I’m down more than $1k I can’t take any more trades.  That’s my hard stop on the day.  So being down $300 doesn’t mean I’m done trading, it just means I have to be very careful about by next trade.   That’s when $GLBS came along!  When I saw it spike up and get halted at 4.50 I knew it would be in play out of the halt.  The stock resumed trading around 12:15am and I jumped in with 3730 shares (partial fill of a 5k share order) at 4.99.  I sold just under 5.50 for a quick $1,664 in profits.  $GLBS accounts for about 50% of my profits this week!  One stock can pay the bills when it’s in play!  Tomorrow I’ll be watching $GLBS for more opportunities.  Make sure you join the chat room to watch me trading in real-time!


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