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+$7157.22 Day Trading $KONE and $HPJ

+$7157.22 Day Trading $KONE and $HPJ


What a way to start the month!!  Yesterday, September 1st, I started the month with a nice $4,838.83 winning day.  I traded 5 stocks and hit 5 winners.  Today, I added another $7,157.22 putting me up over $12k on the month in just 2 days.  My monthly goal has always been $10k/mo, although I may need to start adjusting it since I’ve hit $30k/mo for the last 3 consecutive months.  If I can get even just a few more big winners this month I should be able to achieve those gains again in September.

My focus each day is taking stocks that have home run potential, even if that means only taking 2-3 trades in a day.  I believe in quality vs quantity.  As you can see today, just a small handful of big wins can easily make your month.  As a beginner trading making even $12k in 1 month consistently would have been a miracle.  Today to hit that in 2 days reminds me of how far I’ve come.

In total this month I’ve taken 8 trades and had 8 winners.  My average winners have been 15 cents with 7800 shares.  I’m trading with larger size.  I always say when the market is hot and you’re in the zone, you have to be aggressive.  You must capitalize on these windows of opportunity because sometimes they can be followed by long slow periods.


Video Recap of Today’s Trade


Profits from the Month of September




(Note I took a 5th trade around lunch time on Monday the 1st increasing daily total to: $4,838.83)