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80% of our Traders were GREEN

Hitting two big momo trades back to back this week! Yesterday we hit $ENOC right out of the gates for a big winner, see full post here, then today we nailed $SGOC.

I jumped in $SGOC at 3.49 based on the break of pre-market highs.  This was on my watch list for a Gap and Go Strategy trade since it was gapping up on news.  We rode the momentum from 3.50 to a high of right over 6.00.  Such a clean rip right out of the gates.  This is what low float stocks can do when they get a headline!  Great job to all our traders who nailed this with me.


4 Steps to hitting big winners like $SGOC

  1. Scan pre-market for gappers.  Search the headlines, and choose 4 stocks that look the best.  We like Low Float, High Short Interest, less than 500k pre-market volume (more than 500k and it will be crowded out of the gates),  Price between $2-10 ideally, and always big % gappers of more than 5-10%.
  2. Know your SETUP.  I trade a Break of Pre-Market Highs (3.50 in the case of SGOC today), a break of the first 1min candle to make a new high (1min ORB), Red to Green Moves, and of course, the first pullback.
  3. Manage your risk.  Understand what your stop is and how many shares you can afford to take with that stop.  If you max risk is $100/trade on these Gap and Go trades 1k shares is usually good.  Sometimes just 500 if there is a lot of anticipated volatility.
  4. Execute your trades according to your plan!  I’m on my 44th consecutive green trading day thanks to this strategy.


09:53 D: in SGOC 3.99 out at 5.65 for a 42% win!

09:53 G: two shorts SGOC total 1600

09:53 E 426 profit, first day in chat

09:53 S: 2300 SGOC

09:53 K: almost 4k now but i think im done 🙂

09:53 Y .: hell yeah look at all those wins!!!!!! cheers guys!!!!!

09:53 Y .: +1585 ON SGOC, cheers ross!

09:45 J: still holding 3000 shares SGOC from 4.47

09:53 K: this chatroom is the bessst

09:53 L: in 3.62, out 5.65, 5.80, and 6.15

09:53 M: total +1400 on 3 positions

09:54 M: Trader Rehab works for me…lol

09:54 G .: $3400 SGOC had to call it in etrade

09:54 L: $637

09:53 R .: 927 on SGOC

09:53 T: +$706