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+$9,212.69 in 90min on $HMNY $SKLN and $XGTI

+$9,212.69 in 90min on $HMNY $SKLN and $XGTI

Today was no doubt, another redemption day.  Last week was a total grind for me (you can see my weekly recap video here) with a net loss of -$1,300.  Even though I had a few big trades last week, +$7500 on Wednesday, I also had a lot of trades that ended breakeven or at max loss.  The frustration last week was that I kept stepping up to the plate with a full size position looking for resolution, and it kept not working.


Today I took an A-Quality setup on $HMNY after we heard breaking news.  I jumped in long at 4.88 avg with 13k shares and held until it was up at 5.85.  I was up nearly 13k but was holding for a bigger move.  I thought it was going to break over $6.00 and squeeze into a 2nd halt.  If that had happened, I had a very realistic chance of hitting a 20k winner.  Although that didn’t happen today, this strategy of positioning myself with aggressive share size on A-Quality setups is what has given me over $215k year to date profits.  It’s a matter of statistics that these will turn into total home run setups a few times a month.  Those winners, even if there are only 10-12 per year, have the potential to exponentially increase my total profits.  In my video below I breakdown all the trades from today including my $1,295 winner on $XGTI and my $400 winner on $SKLN.  Check out the video recap below and let me know if you have any questions!

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