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94% Success This Week

This week was really incredible.  I called out 18 trades in the room, and was green on 17, for a 94% success rate.  My only loss was on Friday on $SSKN -$57.  You can see the highlights from the week below.  We had especially strong trades on $LNCO, $LEU $ASTC, and $VCEL.  This week we saw extreme strength in the small caps with several 100% movers.  Stocks the opened at $2 and hit a high of $3-4.  It’s so important during the cycles when the market is HOT that you know how to capitalize on these opportunities.  I used larger size on several of my trades this week in response to strength in the market.  When things slow back down, I’ll adjust my size accordingly.  Constantly adapting to the market is key to your survival.  You have to know when to go hard and when to easy off the throttle.  Based on the price action this week, I expect to see some sympathy runners going into next week.

If you are missing these trades you should consider focusing on your education!  The good news is that there will always be momentum trades, the question is will you know how to profit from them?


LNCO-killed it



astc2-gap and go