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Back On The Horse +$5,193.05 in 90min!

Back On The Horse +$5,193.05 in 90min!

All right, everyone, so let’s go over our midday market recap for today. This is our 211th trading day of the year, for me. And I’ve taken a couple days off, but 211th day of the year. It is the first day of the new green streak, and I’m back on the horse with $5,193.05 of profit. So it certainly feels good to be green. I was a little disappointed to have a red day on Friday. I never like going into the week with a red trade, but last week was a great week.

This morning, I just wasn’t sure how aggressive I wanted to be. I was feeling a little off. My back was a little sore. I think over the weekend, pushing that wheelbarrow full of money to the bank hurt my back a little bit.

So I said, “I’m going to take it easy today. Let’s start slow.” $500, $1,000 day. I’m not going to be too aggressive. And well, ended up being a great day. $5,193.05. So this is for sure a good way to start the week and I’m very happy with that.

My expectations for this week were pretty low because this is a holiday week. We’re going to have Thanksgiving on Thursday, and then a half day on Friday. So we really only have three good days, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before basically the week is done. This is basically a three day week. I’m not going to trade on Friday. We very rarely see good follow through, because look, what creates follow through? What makes a stock go from $3 to $4, $5, $10? It’s lots of buyers.

And so on a day when 50% of the traders are not going to come into the work, what does that mean? That means less buyers, less volume. What does that then mean for the breakouts? They’re smaller. They’re not as sustained. Now occasionally on a half day, we will see that all the traders that are still in the market all kind of hone in on one stock. And so sometimes, you do have one stock that makes big move and it’s just the one that’s in play.

Buy typically, Friday after Thanksgiving, things like that, not very good. So I’m not going to trade on Friday. I’ll just be back at it on Monday morning. So that means I’ve got a three day week. And well, I just hit my weekly goal here today, which is obviously a good start to the week.

But as you can see from the PNL, it’s not all green trades. I am red on L-E-D-S. So we’ll go over the trades from today, and I’m also going to pull up the November $100 thousand challenge doc so we can see where everyone sits on that. I’m not sure if everyone’s been able to update it, but we’ll at least have … I’ll put my PNL on there and we’ll get … I think John has probably updated his and maybe there’s a couple other people that have updated there’s. So let’s see. I’ll get that open here in one second. Now, let me scroll back up. First trade of the day, A-C-S-T. You can see this, and I’m not going to lie, I may have traded more today than I have in other days.

I started right out of the gates with a 10 thousand share position. And the only reason I did that was because I really thought A-C-S-T had a lot of potential. So I wanted to be aggressive on it. And let’s look at the chart. So A-C-S-T, this was our leading gapper this morning. It was gapping up the most. Out of any stock in the entire market, this one was gapping up the most.

Let’s see, so our pre-market high on this was 275. All right, now I looked at this and I thought, “Okay, leading gapper.” What did we do with D-C-I-X on Friday? It was the leading gapper. We jumped in as soon as the bell rang for a squeeze, and we got a nice squeeze.

So on this one, it opened right on this candle. It was just below the half dollar. So as soon as the bell rang, I jumped in, anticipating that if we broke over the half dollar, that critical mental level, that line in the sand, we would retest pre-market highs. I was very confident that that would happen. Pre-market high was 275. All right, so I jump in, 10 thousand shares at 42 and 45, we pop up to 68. I’m selling a quarter on the ask, trying to sell half on the ask. But look, I didn’t even get filled. I mean, I filled a thousand shares at 68, which would have been about $2,800 profit or whatever. And then I stopped out of the rest at 50, 52, and 50 because I said, “Look, I’d rather stop out with profit than have this go red on me.”

It ended up dipping down to a low of 25 and then curling back up. And so as it curled back up, I said, “Okay, I’m getting back in at 51.” Boom, boom. Back in at 251 as it curled back up. Sold half at 57, and then added back 75 hundred shares, now I’m up to 10 thousand shares. Added back at 65 and 67. Sold at 71, 75, 73, 73. Added back at 94. So now you can see I’m being aggressive. I’m adding, I’m selling, I’m adding, I’m selling. And I’m doing that to take advantage of these quick moves that we’re seeing in the stock. I’m positioning myself to be aggressive, really to capitalize on this early volatility.

We ended up squeezing from 250 all the way up to a high of 325. My best exit, I had an order at 320. I guess I didn’t fill on that. So my best exit was 318. I added back at 306 and 313. Adding back. And again, when you add 75 hundred shares, you make 10 cents, boom, you’re up 750 bucks. So knowing that with that size I can quickly generate some big gains, selling at 18, 17, and 20. Stopped out of the rest down here on this move back down. Actually, I got back in. I took one more trade over $3 and sold it at 305. Tried to sell at 310, no fill. And sold it kind of break even.

So I was up about $3,100, maybe $3,200 on A-C-S-T, and ending up finishing up $2,836 on the name. And that was all within the first five minutes of the day. Five minutes in, almost $3 thousand profit. Not a bad start. Not to say that I didn’t take a lot of trades on it. You can see total trades were 49. Total shares, 61 thousand added, 33 thousand added, 61 thousand removed. So I traded a lot on it. Let’s look at A-C-S-T total volume today. Total volume is 8.5 million shares. You can see this has higher volume today than it’s had any day in recent history. So it was a great day to be aggressive, unfortunately it just didn’t really hold those levels.

So that was the first trade of the day, or the first stock that I focused on today, A-C-S-T. And the next one was L-E-D-S. Now, this one, someone called out in the chatroom, they said, “Hey, look at L-E-D-S, it’s popping up.” And I noticed that it had just popped up on a 60 thousand share candle up to $6. And I saw that and I was like, “Okay. Yeah, that actually looks good.” And so I added. I got long at $6, 5 thousand shares. I added another 5 thousand at 642 because now I saw it was squeezing up. And then I added another 25 hundred at $7. On this one, I was like, “Look hey, this thing, I made $30 thousand, or $20 thousand on it last week. This stock I know can move fast. So I’m going to jump in it.”

If it breaks 650, that’s breaking the previous day’s high. That’s the first daily candle to make a new high. So I jump in there, ride this momentum. My average is 636, 12,500 shares. It actually goes all the way to 727, which means at the very top of that candle, I was up over $10 thousand at the top of that candle. The bottom of the next candle was 607, and I was down three grand. And you know, this stock unfortunately, it didn’t get follow through. I mean, it popped up there, but it didn’t continue. It just sort of rolled over, and I ended up stopping out at $6. You can see all the way down here, I stopped out at $6 for a $4 thousand loss. I was down over a thousand dollars on the day. $1,300 on the day.

And I was a little bit frustrated because I thought, “Geez, maybe I should have just …” I should have sold it at 7 instead of adding, but I thought because A-C-S-T was so strong that we would see that translate into strength in L-E-D-S, and I thought that it would squeeze into a circuit breaker halt and it would resume higher. And we had room from 650 all the way up to 940 on the daily chart. So I was thinking $7.50, $8 is very possible on this one. And I was wrong. And when it came back down here, it came all the way back down to 607 really fast. At one point it was at 650, and I was like, “Oh my gosh, this thing just dropped 70 cents in the last candle. Should I just bail out here?”

And I was like, “Well geez, I’ve got 12 thousand shares, now the spreads are getting bigger. If I bail out, I’m going to get slippage. So I’m just going to hold it for a second and see what it does.” And then I just … I finally had to sell it on the ask. I held it for quite awhile as you can see. I tried to give it time. I held it for like 15, 20 minutes. But eventually I just, I had to sell it. So I stopped out, which was a bummer. But then I got back in. And I made back $2 thousand on it, plus or minus. I got back in here at, let’s see … I’ll go over the O-P-H-C trade in a second. But I got back in at 634. Look at this. I only filled, at 634, 704 shares.

I thought I had a full position on this with 75 hundred shares at 32. So I put my order to sell half my position at 648 when it popped right here from 623 all the way up to … Sorry, when it was right here from 623 all the way up to 650. And then I looked and I was like, “Wait a second, I’ve only got 352 shares left, which means I only had a total of 704. I got a partial fill.” So I canceled those orders and then I just held that for the remaining 352 shares. I held it from 1014 all the way until 1036. I held through this period of consolidation.

I was like, “Whatever, I’ll just hold it.” I want to get back in, and I’m looking for the break over 650. So it consolidates, and then here, boom, it pops up, and I add 10 thousand shares at 650. Now, I added there because I thought if we broke over 650, there was a chance we would retest high of day, which was 727. Now, the reason I thought that, and we can go back on this same exact stock. You’ve seen this pattern a thousand times, but even on this same stock last week, we had the high of day, then consolidation. It pops up, pulls back, pops up, pulls back, pops up, breaks over the [V-wap 00:12:24], squeezes to high of day, and once it hits high of day, now it’s on the scanners, and now people are seeing it, and boom, we squeeze all the way up to 10 bucks.

That was what I thought might happen. That was back of my mind potential, that we squeeze up over 727, and from there, $8, $8.50. Unfortunately, it only went up to 680. So it goes up, I’m selling at 70, 69. I added back. Sold more at 75 and 67. Didn’t get filled at 80. Had a little bit of a hard time getting filled on some of my orders, and stopped out the rest at 650. So I recouped some of the loss on it, which is good. It could have been a slightly better trade. I did the best I could on it, I just didn’t see really good follow through. So that was L-E-D-S. And then the last stock I traded today was O-P-H-C.

So between L-E-D-S and A-C-S-T, I’m break even basically. I’m up 5 thousand because of O-P-H-C. So let’s look back at this one, O-P-H-C. Here we go. All right, starts at $7. So all of the sudden, O-P-H-C at 940 squeezes from a low of 448 up to a high of 612 and is halted on a circuit breaker. So it’s halted on a circuit breaker, five minute circuit breaker halt. And it resumes a little bit higher, and it squeezes up to just under seven. It pulls back for a second, and so there I said, “Okay, I’m going to add for a scalp at seven.” I get long at $7, smaller size, not super aggressive. Add at seven. At at 722. Selling at 740. 741, I add back. Selling at 750, 756, 748, 761, 764, 726, and 748.

So that trade right there was in this pull back right in here. So we got a high of 724. I held through the pull back and then we popped back up and I’m selling all the way up to the high here, which was 765. So I’m selling in that move right in there. So that was enough to make a couple thousand bucks. And at that point, I was still red. I was trying to get myself back into the green. That was before the L-E-D-S trade. So was being a little more aggressive trying to cover the loss. And I ended up getting back in at 760. And the reason I got back in at 760 is because we had this consolidation right here, little consolidation.

The high was 765. High of day was 765, so I was like, “If I get in at 760 and we break over high of day, there’s a good chance I think that we could squeeze up to eight bucks.” That exactly what happened. 760, we squeeze up. I sell half at 792. Add back at 803. I got a partial fill. And then it halted at 810. Now, what’s very interesting is that this was a 10 minute circuit breaker halt, not a five minute circuit breaker halt. We’ve seen it a couple times today, and this will be something very interesting for us to follow, because we’ve never really seen 10 minute long volatility pauses. We’ve only seen five minute volatility pauses.

Now the rules are that they can be a max of 10 minutes. They’re typically just five minutes. So I’m not sure why this halt was 10 minutes. This one here was only five minutes. And the third one today was only five minutes. But this one was 10 minutes. So anyways, it squeezes up, it hits of high of 880, and then it drops down. Drops 10% and is halted again on a five minute circuit breaker halt, going down. It dropped to a low of 704, I’m still holding. And then it curls back up and I sell on the move back through the highs. So on that one, wasn’t the cleanest of trades, but I was able to get out of it on that move back up to the highs, up to 839, 840. And finished the day up $5 thousand on the name.

So definitely pleased with that. But after that trade, I kind of … And then finished up with L-E-D-S, I sort of felt like, “Okay, time to scale back. Slow it back down. $5 thousand is good.” Now, I didn’t come into the day today saying, “I want to make back half of yesterday’s loss.” No, I said, “I want to make $500 to $1,000.” And it just happened that I made $28 hundred right out of the gates on A-C-S-T. And then once I had that big cushion, I thought, “Okay, now I’ve got a big cushion on the day, and the market is clearly stronger than I thought. I’m going to push it and I think this might be a good day.”

Tried to push it on L-E-D-S thinking that if I dig deep and really go for a good trade, I might get a good move. I get in, we only see … We see a pop, it comes back down, end up giving back my profit. Now, I’ve got to kind of readjust and focus on getting myself back to green. I get myself back to green on O-P-H-C, and then end up having a couple of great trades on it and got myself not just to green, but up $5 thousand on the day. So this ends up being a great day. And let’s see, so let’s look at the … Our November 100K Challenge. Okay so November 100K Challenge. I am, on our challenge right now, the biggest winner and the biggest loser.

Biggest winner up 40 thousand. The next day, the biggest loser, down 11 grand. That’s the way it is with me. That’s so typical that I’ll be the biggest winner and the biggest loser. And at the end of the day, I might end up being at the same PNL as someone else who’s slow and steady. Look at John. Look at this consistency. I mean, that is phenomenal. Up $45 thousand this month. That’s beautiful. I mean, that’s what I wish this looked like for me. And yeah, granted I’m up 91 thousand before today, so plus $5,193.05. So I’m plus 97 thousand. Despite the fact that that’s double, if this to me feels almost more desirable. I just don’t like having a big red day.

But you know, that’s just the way it happens to be. You push a little hard and sometimes you’re going to have a big red day. So anyways, still finished last week plus 68 thousand. And here we are, off to a good start this week. So the challenge, we are now at $203 thousand of profit for the month of November. The November 100K Challenge, really quite something there. So very pleased with everyone that’s been trading and is on the leader board here. I’ll make this green for Sam. So Sam, John, Jason’s in the red today. Josh, small red. Jeff, waiting for him to update his PNLs. So that’s where we’re sitting right now on the leader boards.

It’s been a good month. I mean, obviously it’s … My goal right now is to get back over 100K. I want this to be my first $100 thousand month. So we’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six days left in the month. If I can average a thousand dollars a day or whatever, I’ll be very happy with that. So who knows? Maybe tomorrow we’ll have another good day, or maybe tomorrow I’m only going to make $400, $500 dollars and that’s okay too. Green is good. That’s really the focus. Try to finish the day green. If you’re finishing the day green you’re doing something nine out of ten traders aren’t able to do consistently. So be grateful for those small accomplishments, even if it is only a couple hundred bucks here or there.

Okay, so I think that’s just about it for me today. We’ve gone over the November 100K Challenge, midday recap of my trades. So I’ll leave you guys to it. Let you enjoy the afternoon, and I’ll see you all first thing tomorrow morning, back in the chatroom. Let’s be honest, if you made it this far, you must have really enjoyed that video. So what’s stopping you? Subscribe right here and get email alerts any time I upload new content. Until then, happy surfing.