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$BIOA Small Cap Breakout

Small Cap Breakout on BIOA Nets +10.5% Intraday


If you have taken the swing trade course, then you probably already know all about this strategy. The small cap breakout strategy is nothing new and nothing fancy. But, it works and it works well! The winning example from this week is on ticker $BIOA. This stock hit my scanner on Thursday. The stock had moved up just over 4% and was firmly poised for a breakout of the bull flag variety. After a volatile open range, the stock sold off to lows before reversing midday. I watched this one all day waiting for that first candle to make a new high. Buying a breakout is similar to buying into a reversal. The first new candle to make a high on the daily chart was my target for entry, right around 5.65. The chart gave us a good idea of what the range was. You can clearly see that short term, the target on the daily chart was $6.50. Since I take profits every 3-5%, I was able to scale out twice in this trade, the same day.


$BIOA small cap breakout


When I take a swing trade and send the alert, I never intend to turn it into a day trade. But, I am always prepared for when those extreme moments happen, and force my hand. Today was one of those days. I never seem to get many complaints from swing traders who get to lock up 10.5%+ in profit in just a couple hours. Take a look at the video below to see what I was thinking.

$BIOA Small Cap Breakout Video Recap