Student Success Stories: Edwin turned $5k into $196k in Profits

Before becoming a full time day trader, Edwin was a South Carolina School Teacher.  He’s a big believer in the value of education, and when it came to trading, he wanted to make sure he learned as much as he could before trading with real money.  Edwin joined Warrior Trading and began studying under Ross and Mike.  He quickly began learning the strategies and techniques for trading momentum in the market.

Edwin started trading with a $5k account at Suretrader (Most of our students now use the Capital Markets Elite Group instead of Suretrader) so he could day trade even though he was under the $25,000 PDT Level.

Turning $5k into $196,000 in 18 months

Edwin started a new small account challenge in January and turned a $5k Suretrader account into over $76k in less than 12 months for an impressive 1560% return.  Edwin has now generated over $196,000 in profits from that original $5k small account.  Each of these trades were verified.  Edwin put in his notice with the school district and today is making a living as a full time trader.

Edwin prefers to trade in small accounts and regularly withdraws profits to keep his account smaller.  Many of our students have found that when they have a small account they trade with more discipline, and when the account gets too big, it becomes easier to justify losses and get sloppy.  Trading with a small account keeps Edwin disciplined.

Developing a Personalized Trading Strategy

In 2015 when Edwin attended classes at Warrior Trading he attended one-on-one mentor sessions in order to develop a personalized trading strategy that was a good fit for his skills and risk tolerance.  Like Ross, Edwin trades momentum and reversals, but unlike Ross, he prefers to trade solely the 5min time frame and rarely trades during the opening range.

Edwin found that that 1min patterns move to quickly and often left him chasing the momentum and entering in the wrong places.  Slowing down his trading by focusing on the 5min time frame resulted in increased composure and increased profits.

Do you need Rolex’s and Fast Cars to be a Success?

The dream of driving Lamborghini’s, wearing a Rolex, and living the high life brings many traders to the market.  The truth is, we don’t believe that’s actually what most of our students are looking for.


For example, Edwin’s retirement from his 9-5 job as a teacher.  He can now spend more time with his family, work from home, and he loves the life he’s living.  They say you should spend your life doing what you love.  Unfortunately most of us don’t know what that is, or we don’t know how to make a living doing it.  For traders, the market becomes our passion.



If you make 100k/year you are in the 96th Percentile

At Warrior Trading, we don’t teach a strategy that will make you a millionaire overnight.  The strategies we teach have been applied by thousands of students, like Edwin, to make a modest living from the market.  Edwin is making more than $100k/year and it puts him in the top 4% of Americans.

Our goal is to teach our students how to make $200/day ($52,000/year).  Edwin’s doubling the goal at $400/day ($100,000/year), and Ross is making 10x the goal at $2,000/day ($500,000/year).  Financial freedom and independence can be found in the market, but only for those who are trained to manage risk, identify home run potential, and execute trades according to a well defined trading plan.