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Crossing over $100k Profits in 10 days of the Nov $100k Team Challenge


Crossing over $100k Profits in 10 days of the Nov $100k Team Challenge

All right, everybody. So today is the 10th day … Wait, is it the 10th or the 9th day? It is … Let’s see. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. It’s the 10th day of the November 100K Challenge, and we are just crossing over $100,000 of total profit. Sitting at the moment right now at $100,487.72 for the last 10 days. Not bad. Today’s the 14th day of the month. We’re 10 trading days into the month, and there’s 100,000 bucks. So you can see how it’s all broken down here across the team, our 10 traders.

So we’ve got me, Mike, Jeff, Roberto right here over on the side. I’m doing better than I expected, sitting at nearly $30,000 on the month. Today was another big day, $5000 of profit. Roberto and Jeff haven’t updated their trades yet today. Jeff had an awesome trade yesterday. John, a small green day today, but green is good. He’s also consistent, green every day of the month. Sam R’s waiting on updates. Jason, small red day. Shauna, waiting for an update, and Josh, a small green day.

So overall, you can see how we’re all on the leader board here and doing quite well. I’m impressed. I really wasn’t thinking that we would break over $100,000 in two weeks into the month, but this has been really good. So the reason we’re doing this is to inspire the beginner traders, the new ones in the community that this is what you want to strive for.

These are students. I mean, every single one of us were new to trading at one point. Some of them are brand new to trading this year, and others of us have been doing this for a while. But these are traders, the new ones who came in. They went through the Warrior Pro course. They learned the strategy, and now, they’re in the community trading and putting down some profits.

And really, for the halfway point in the month, even Josh, who took a couple days off, He’s, I mean, took a trip to Denver, but sill, 1000 bucks with an extra hour a day? That is not bad at all. And then, John, still trading an hour a day, an extra $16,000 this month. I mean, really, can’t complain about that at all. So yeah, and here, I was not fully scrolled. So John, that consistency is so nice. So he’s very consistent. Jeff is very consistent. Mike had his first red day today, but not a big red day. For the most part, everyone has been really pretty darn consistent.

So anyways, congrats to the team members for doing such a great job and helping us break over 100K here on November 14th, and we’re just going to keep grinding up towards 200K, and maybe we’ll get to 250K by the end of the month, all right? So that’s where we all stand there on the November 100K Challenge. My trades today added an extra $5000 of profit.

These are the days that I love. I mean, I love having $3, $4, $5000 days. It’s just, it’s always nice to make more in a day than you could ever realistically spend. I mean, what am I going to spend $5000 on today? I’m going to go to the grocery store. I’m going to grab some lunch at some point.

I’ll probably spend like maybe $100 today at the grocery store and getting lunch. And I’m still net 5000, so these are definitely good days for all of us, to be able to make some good profits here in the first hour of the day and then spend the rest of the day doing what you love, whatever it might be.

And sure, if you want to put a down payment on a car or whatever, obviously, if you’re trading and doing as well as myself, Mike, Jeff, or John, you absolutely can. When we were in New York City for the inner circle, John had his Maserati parked out in the valet right in front of the hotel, and I mean, it’s a sweet car. So there’s nothing wrong with spending a little bit of it. The kind of rule of thumb is spend some and save some. Don’t spend it all. Just make sure you’re saving some, because there will be slow months.

This is a great month right now, but my best month of the year is $68,000 in total profit for me, all by myself, not part of a team challenge. $68,000 in February. My worst month of the year was April. I lost $4178. Second worst month was September. I have two red months. In both of them, I lost 4000. So for me, April was red. Bounced back in May with 18 grand. June, July, and August were a little slow. It was red in September, and then it bounced back in October with $35,000 of profit.

And now, my goal is to break October’s 35 grand and try to get myself up to 40,000 here in November. That would be a really great way to finish up the year, with a couple of really strong months. 30,000 October, 40,000 November, maybe 50,000 December. I’d be okay with that. And if I’m able to do that, I’m going to have a pretty good shot at 300K this year. So as of right now, my small account that I started with $583 is at $197,441.76. Not bad at all. Total cumulative on the year is 231,000, because in the first month, when I was trading with my small account, I still had my regular account.

So 231,000 is better than last year, and we’ve still got six weeks left in the year. So I don’t know. I mean, I guess it would take a good amount to get to 300 grand, but 250 is well within reach. And 275, there’s a good chance of that, too. So again, it’s nice to have these hot streaks, but you have to remember that there’s an ebb and flow to the market. You’re going to have hot streaks, and then you’re going to have some cold streaks. And so you have to be able to have the patience to sit tight during the cold streak and not let it turn into a downward spiral.

Oh, yeah, Jesus, Peter calculated that’s a 39,000% return on my $583. So not bad at all, but I know that it’s not scalable. I wouldn’t have been able to produce the same return with 5830 bucks or whatever, or $58,300. I wouldn’t be able to continue to do that. Unfortunately, the way I trade, there is a limit to scalability. But as I’m making 200K a year, plus or minus trading, I’m pretty happy with that. And then, I spend the rest of my time teaching you guys how you can also make six figures, 150, 200K. So that keeps me pretty busy.

But anyways, so trades from today, a lot of trades on the positions board. Six different stocks that I traded. Yesterday, I over-traded a bit. I didn’t finish with much in the way of profits. Today, though, it really worked out well. So let’s look at the P&L. First trade of the day, MOSY, I jumped into this just a moment before the bell rang because I thought it was breaking over $1.50. Two seconds before the bell rang, I pressed the buy button. I pressed it at $1.50, and I got filled at $1.39. That’s not bad. That’s really nice when that happens. It’s very rare, but I’ll take it.

So I ended up being long at $1.39. You can see right here, just before the bell, the high was $1.50, and that’s where I was pressing the buy button. But somehow, I got filled at $1.39. I really don’t know that happened, but that’s fine with me. So filled at $1.39. It pops up to a high of 1.85. I didn’t do very well in that. In the first move, I sold at 48, 46, got back in at 74. Now, this is pretty important, because on the first trade, I made, I don’t know, a couple hundred bucks or whatever.

Second trade, I jumped in … I think I’m up $700 on that first trade. Second trade, I get in 5000 shares at $1.74. So 5000 shares is a decent position size, and it didn’t work out, so I stopped out at $1.72. I only lost 2 cents per share, so that was only a $100 loss. So after that, I’m still up 600 bucks. And then, at that point, we’re watching the high day scanner.

The watch list today, the only one that I was really watching was MOSY, because it was our leading gapper. So I didn’t really have a very big watch list today. It was kind of a slim one. So we had MOSY, and then from there, I was waiting for stocks to hit the scanners. So here we go. We’ve got, right at 9:36, FENG hitting the scanner at $5.95. So when I saw that one hitting the scanner, I of course recognized it as being a former runner, a stock that we’ve traded in the past. I pulled up the chart. I saw it was spiking up and it had a good daily breakout setup, so I just jumped right in at 6.40.

And you can see I pressed the buy button at 6.40, and I only filled 875 shares. I’ll turn this around for those of you, so you can see. So there’s the P&L. So the buy button at 6.40 only filled partial, 875 shares. I pressed the buy button again at 47. Oops, 47. I filled the whole thing. So now, I’ve got 3375 shares, all right? It pops up to 78. I sell a quarter, 843 on the ask. I try to sell some more on the ask. I don’t get filled, and then, they end up stopping out on the bid, and then it drops down. And I sell the rest on the ask.

So on FENG, I only made 397 bucks. It wasn’t the biggest mover. MOSY, I ended up getting back in that at $1.85. Pops up to $1.91, 95, and I’m selling. And then, I stopped out the rest on the ask at 1.86. So total P&L on MOSY is 726 and 397 on FENG. So with those two trades, I’m up over 1000 bucks on the day. So I was like, “Okay. This is a good start to the day. I’m 10 minutes in, and I’ve hit my daily goal of $1000.”

So the next trade was CASI, C-A-S-I, also hit the scanner. I jumped in at an average of 289, and this one, it popped up to a high of, when I got in, $3, 2.99, and it was a little heavy there. I tried to sell at 3, I tried to sell on the ask at 2.99, I didn’t get filled. It dropped down to a low of 2.68, so it was right at my 20 cent stop. I was about to bail out, I was kind of like, “This isn’t looking good” and I say, “You know what? I’m just going to put in an order at my average cost, basically 2.86 and 2.88. I’ll see if it pops back up.” Hey, it popped back up. I ended up losing only 130 bucks. I was down 1000, it popped back up, lost $130. That’s fine with me.

I usually like to give stocks a chance if they’re dropping for the first candle to make a new high because often they do pop up. If it pops up and then after that pop it’s going lower, then that’s when I usually just bail out. But I hate selling into a drop. I’d always rather let it pop back up and try to sell on the ask, into the next pop. So, that ended up working well in CASI.

Next trade, O-S-N. All right, so OSN. You can see I’ve got $1400 profit on that one. This one, again, hitting the scanners, it pops up, and on this one, it was actually, it was halted. Let’s see. This one squeezed up, it hit our scanner actually as low as 2.50, 2.47. Let’s take a look at this. So, there’s MOSY, MOSY. I’m just scrolling up here. All right, so there’s OSN. All right, so you guys can see OSN hitting the scanner here at 2.50.

So, these scanners are showing us the momentum. I chose not to buy it because there was only 100,000 shares of volume, and if I’m going to buy 5000 shares, that means I’d be literally trading 5%, just me, 5% of the volume on the stock today. That feels very high. If I buy it and then sell it, now I’m trading 10%. Me and 10 other people? That’s crazy. So, i wanted to wait for more volume to come in, while meanwhile, it goes from 2.50 all the way up to 2.80, 2.90, $3, 3.06, and then it’s halted at a high of I guess it was 3.06.

So, it resumes, and it pops up to a high of 3.61, and as soon as it resumes, let’s see. I jumped in this at 3.22. I jumped in with 7500 shares, and I believe this was for the first one minute pullback. Let me just scroll back on this. So, I jumped in, yeah. It was dropping down, as it pops back up, I got in at 3.22. Basically a one minute setup for it to pop back up. It immediately pops up to 3.43, 3.48. I’m selling on the ask, boom, $1430 on that one minute setup.

That was a really quick trade, very easy. It was literally a 7-8 second trade, and at that time, on that candle, we had 170,000 shares of volume. The next candle had 145,000, so in that five minute candle, we saw over half a million shares of volume. So, that’s when the volume really started to come in, and we know it’s coming in, is it spiked up to 3.06. I just felt like I would have been chasing it at that point. So, good trades on OSN, and after that I’m up now 2400 bucks on the day.

So, now my day is starting to look pretty good, and I felt comfortable taking the biggest size of the day on this OSN trade, because I was already up 1000 bucks. Now I had a cushion. So, if I had lost 10 cents, I’m still green on the day, and so I felt comfortable being more aggressive there. All right, so then we have CCCL. CCCL, I jumped into as it was popping up here. This one, again, hit our scanners. These scanners help us find that needle in the haystack every day.

It pops up here, I jumped in as soon as I saw it on the scanner at 2.20. So, on this one, I only took 5000 shares at 2.20. Pops up to 2.47 and 2.46. I’m selling on the ask, and on this one minute micro pullback, I’m selling as it squeezes up. I didn’t expect it to break over 50 and go all the way to 77. I wasn’t expecting that at all, and then it pulled back there for a second and squeezed up over $3. So, I took my profit on it, and was out of the trade, and then I decided to get back in. Well, I got back in a second later. I’ll go back to the SSKN trade in a second.

I got back in CCCL at 3.36. So, let me show you where that one was. This ends up squeezing all the way to 3.60. I believe this one was halted on … Yeah, halted on a circuit breaker. Squeezes to 3.60, it pulls down, and then I got in right here for the first candle to make a new high. Let’s see. Where was that? Oh, no. Sorry. Time was 10:15, so I got in, I guess it was inside this candle, right out of the halt, for the break over 3.40.

So, I jumped into this at 3.36, it pops up to 59, and I was selling … I actually got filled at 59, one cent below high of day. High of day was 3.60. So, selling on the ask, and boom, that added another 1000 bucks or so on CCCL. So, another $1000 of profit there. I did end up taking this one additional trade here where I got in at 2.94, right down here, anticipating the first one minute candle to make a new high. It pops up to 3.22 and I’m selling on the ask, and again, that got me up to $2897 on the name.

So, I was being aggressive on CCCL, but of course, at this point i already had a big profit cushion. The last one was SSKN. This one was kind of strange, because like CCCL and some of the others, it popped up on the scanner. I jumped in it and I added, I actually added as high as a $1.60. It hit $1.70, I was up $1500. Didn’t hold up, it dropped back down. I bailed out and lost $224. So, two small winners today. Actually, three … Sorry, three small losers today. One on MOSY, one on CASI, and one on SSKN.

So, three small losses, and then I had … Let’s see, how many winners? I had 12 winners today. So, overall, accuracy in the 70s. 72%. Not bad. What’s really most important is that I kept the losses small, so yeah, even though I had some losses, I’m still finishing the day up $5000, which is fantastic. So, that certainly makes up for a slow day yesterday, so it is my now 31st consecutive green day, 207th day of the year, 10th day of November, and definitely a really, just a great day of trading.

This has been a fantastic month. I’m looking at the P&L. It’s 5000 today, 3800 on Friday, 5500 on Thursday, 4900 last Wednesday, 800 last Tuesday, no trades last Monday. 2200 the Friday before last, 5100 the Thursday before last, $400 the first day of the month.

So, I mean, it’s just like seeing really nice, big green days, and those are what help build up the cushion. So, it’s kind of, if you think of yourself as the chipmunk trying to get your acorns or whatever, this is a month or a six week period where we’re getting lots of acorns, and we’ll know that they’ll have to tide us over during an inevitable slow period of the market, but right now we’re just trying to collect as many as we can while we’re seeing the opportunities.

All right, so that’s about it for today. Again, those of you watching on Facebook and YouTube, love to have you guys put in comments below. I’ll come back and answer them later if you have any questions or anything like that, and I’ll post the link so you guys can see the November 100K Challenge, and you can also see it if you go to WarriorTrading.com, and you search in the top search bar for 100K Challenge. You’ll see the page and you can see everyone’s stats and everything like that, all right?

So, I hope you guys all have a great afternoon, and I will see you first thing tomorrow morning, Wednesday, November 15th, and hopefully we’ll continue to ride this nice wave of momentum. All right guys, so I’ll see you in the morning. Thanks everyone.

Oh hey. I didn’t see you there. I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade, hopefully it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts anytime I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.