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Daily Goal in 30min on $ASTC

Good Evening Traders,

Third day in a row!  Hitting the daily goal in the first 20min today on $ASTC.  And guess what, this was straight off the watch list again!  Remember yesterday when I was watching $LEU over 1.99 and it went up to $4.00?  Today I was watching $ASTC over $1.90 and it squeezed up to $3.00 in a matter of 30min.

Daily Goal on $ASTC +$1192

I can’t say it enough, there are opportunities for profit everyday.  You just have to study and focus on your education!  To that end, we encourage all of our students to be in the chat room early, take notes, prepare your watch list, and trade the plans we’ve created for you in our Warrior Pro trading course.  We still have a few seats left for our next Warrior Pro trading course.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me!




Check out the chart below.  $ASTC was hot because this was lot float, had huge volume right out of the gates, and had the breaking news catalyst needed to drive it higher.   Another solid move this week, the third one in a row!  I knew there was the potential to hit the daily goal in the first 30min today and we nailed it.  Looking forward to tomorrow!


$astc--gap and go