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Daily Recap +$10,359 on 2 Momentum Stocks

Daily Recap +$10,359 on 2 Momentum Stocks



Hey everyone!  Today was my day of redemption!!  Tuesday I closed the day red -$2815 (see my Red Day Recap video lesson here), and then yesterday I only made $29 on 2 trades before I decided the market wasn’t on my side and I called it a day.  That left me down on the week and hoping we’d see some good opportunities either today or tomorrow.  As much as I wanted to finish the week with $10k in profits, I can’t force trades.  I have to let the market come to me.  One of the first things you will learn as a trader is that you aren’t stronger than the market.  The market is like sailing in the ocean.  When the tides and currents are in your favor and you have a steady breeze you can do really well, but when things are looking to take a turn for the worst your best bet is to get out of the way.  Finding shelter from the storm vs fighting through the rough days.  This is a decision every sailor and every trader will have to make at some point.  I used to fight through everyday but I realized that it’s actually far better for me to step away from a difficult market.  It reduces my stress and prevents me from taking high risk positions.  Today I saw 2 strong opportunities and I capitalized on them.  I can step back out of the action until I see the next opportunity.



Video Recap of Trades Best Trades



Check out quotes from our students in the day trading chat room!

10:45 david woodland: $24,310 today another great day (11 traded names 2 red)

11:39 Sebastian Tafreshi: 2k on KURA

11:39 Kumar A: MPET 2050

11:39 Gui Ferreira: LEDS $1280

11:39 Mark T: $440 today

11:40 Frank M: Three names all green average +$792, Ross