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Day 4: +$2,486.87 | Working Hard to Achieve Goal!

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Day 4: +$2,486.87 | Working Hard to Achieve Goal!

What’s up, everybody? All right. Time for our midday market recap. We’re going to go over the trades from today and overall, not a bad day. Finishing the morning up $2,486.87, which is not bad at all, so you guys can see the P&L right there. Eight stocks I traded today. Definitely traded a little more than I did yesterday and than I maybe would on an average day.

We saw a good number of opportunities and so I wanted to try and really capitalize on them and I think even though I’m not trying to make back the losses at the end of November, I am maybe not as content with calling it a day at 10:00 AM if I’m up 1,800 bucks. I’m kind of like, “Well, maybe I should keep an eye on things and see if maybe more opportunities show up between 10:30, 11:00, maybe even as far as 11:30.”

My last trade today was at 11:16, so trading a little further into the day than maybe I would on other days, but trying to rebuild a little bit and as long as we have good quality setups and the market is strong enough, I’m willing to put in a little bit more time to try to build the account and back up over $300,000, or $300,000 in total profit this year.

Anyways, you can see from the P&L, obviously all small caps, priced between $1.00 and the highest priced one might have been like $6.00. All of them floats of under probably 30 million shares at most and the biggest winner was, again, on PXS, which was kind of nice. This was a good one for me yesterday as well, so let’s look at that one first since that’s my biggest winner. Or, actually, no. Why don’t we just go in chronological order? We’ll just start with my first trade of the day.

And before I go any further with midday market recap, reminder. Tomorrow, 1:00 PM Eastern, we’re hosting an encore webinar. Many of you guys registered for our webinar that we had in November. Many of you attended as well. I noticed that the webinar crashed in the middle of the live event and that’s what happens when you have thousands of people all trying to stream a live webinar, apparently.

We are limiting the number of students that are going to be able to register for the webinar tomorrow, so for those of you who missed that webinar, love to have you register and we’re going to be using a different platform and hopefully we will not have any crashes. We will still have a backup ready. That’s tomorrow, 1:00 PM Eastern, and you can click the link in the “Announcements” tab to register for those of you that are in the chatroom and those of you on Facebook Live, you can click the “Announcements” tab or you can click in the description to register.

During that webinar, I’ll be teaching what I think are the three most important concepts for success and those are concepts that I’ve learned over the last six, seven years of trading. For me, and I don’t talk about this a lot, but my cumulative losses learning to trade, I lost $895,000 in cumulative losses and it cost me every single one of those losses to learn the strategy that I now trade today, and so I wouldn’t change that for anything because I love where I’m at today and I’m able to make $300,000 a year, which is awesome.

But it was a lot of pain learning the strategy and figuring out the rules. It was really trial and error. During our webinar, I’ll be sharing with you really the culmination, the three sort of key concepts that were the culmination of that whole experience. Then, at the end, I’ll invite a group of students to join me in our classes for the month of December.

All right, so that’s coming up tomorrow, 1:00 PM Eastern. If you guys want to register or attend, you’re welcome to. Now, again, going back to recap today. First trade of the day was VKTX. Now, this one was kind of interesting because our gap scanner this morning was a little on the light side. We didn’t have things that looked amazing. VKTX was a possibility. It had squeezed up pre-market as you can see here from this chart from $2.40 all the way up to $4.40, so I certainly liked that setup, but it pulled back a little bit before the bell rang. The entry that I took, as you can see here, was a long at $3.60 and $3.64, 5,000 shares, $3.62 average.

Now, that was based on an anticipation of the first five-minute candle to make a new high and that was right here. Five-minute candle make a new high, broke $3.72, popped up to $3.80, so I was actually up, unrealized, $700, 750 bucks, when it was at $3.80. I was thinking that this would go back to $3.85, $3.90, $4.00, and maybe retest the pre-market high, which was $4.34. That didn’t happen.

It ended up kind of just hitting some resistance at $3.80 and dropping back down and so I stopped out of it with profit, selling at $0.66, $0.65, $0.64, and I guess the balance at $0.58, which was only 90 shares left. That first trade out of the gates was $150 winner, plus or minus. Not a huge win, but a small win, so that was my first trade of the day.

The first two trades of the day are all about building the cushion, trying to get myself into the green and so when I start the first trade of the day with kind of a false start, a small win, it’s a little disappointing. Second trade was VTGN. This was one that I wasn’t watching super closely from the watch list because it was a little on the cheap side, but as soon as the bell rang, it started to open up.

It’s actually now up, VTGN, it’s up a total of 158% on 25 million shares of volume, which is really quite something. Anyways, my first trade on this was at $1.37 and this is a shame. Look. I bought 100 shares and 100 shares. Well, I thought this was queued up for 2,500. It was actually set at my default of 100 shares, so the default for me when I log in is just 100 shares. I pressed the “Buy” button twice, or three times actually, and then I looked down and realized I only had 300 shares, so I added 2,500 here and so I had 2,800.

That was kind of a silly thing. I guess that happens sometimes, but that cost me … well, let’s see. I sold at $0.41 for a net profit of … I don’t know how much it was. It was a small profit, but from $0.37 to $0.41 is $0.04 times 5,000 shares is 200 bucks, so that would have been nice to have filled the entire order, but I didn’t. Anyways, a very small win there. Only about, I don’t know, 20, 30 bucks, and then we had PXS. PXS, this one we had on watch because yesterday, obviously, I did well on it and it’s just been crazy the last four days as you can see here, last actually really … it’s been crazy for a while.

On this one, I saw it starting to pop up and I thought, “I should just jump in this before the halt if I can because yesterday out of the halt, it squeezed up, and I got in out of the halt and made my $4,000 on the backside.” If I’d gotten in on the front side, I would have probably made $8,000. I jumped in it at $4.97, as you can see here, and $4.98, partial fill at $4.98 of 1,200 shares. It pops up to $5.17. I try to buy into the halt, no fill. Ends up being halted and so I’m now holding through the halt, and that was at $5.14. It ends up squeezing up all the way to $5.65, which was a nice move. You can see I tried to buy … well, now I’ve got a couple trades here.

Let’s continue on PXS. I tried to add on PXS, but of course with my warning, I didn’t get filled because of the warning I have here, “Warning: Over 5,000 shares at 6,000.” It puts up this warning that prevents me from buying without overriding it and I didn’t have time to override it. Then I was just like, “Okay. I’m going to sell some on the ask at $0.64, $0.55,” and then I sold the rest back at $0.97 and $0.85 and $0.74.

It just didn’t hold up at all, so that was a little disappointing it came all the way back down here. However, I was able to make the bulk of my profit on this one right here for a long for $0.80 and that was at, let’s see, $9.50. Let’s just scooch forward to that, $9.50 right here. I’m long at $4.80 for the first five-minute candle to make a new high. My target is high of day. I ended up getting to move up to $5.15. I sold some at $5.14, $5.04, and then stopped out of the rest at $4.85.

In total, $1,821 on the name, which is fantastic. That’s definitely a good trade, even though it maybe could have been a little bit better. IMMU, I see that just squeezed up and got halted. We can watch that. I don’t know if there’s news on it or what’s going on there, but not the best daily chart because of the resistance of those moving averages. But anyways, that was PXS. Now, if we scroll back up, you see while PXS was halted, I took a trade on ASTC and ASTC, this one it started to pop up and it got halted and so I bought it out of the halt, ended up … I got in at $4.40. What was it? $4.39 and $4.49, sold partial at $0.56 and $0.38 and then it dropped all the way down to $4.00.

I ended up losing, with the 2,500 shares, $0.40, which basically was 1,000 bucks, so not the most impressive trade there. Biggest loss of the day. Five thousand shares was my total position size, so that’s an average $0.20 loss with 5,000 shares, which is my max loss right now. A little disappointing that that came all the way back down ad it was definitely a little bit of a setback. I then did a couple more scalps on VTGN. As you can see, I’m up only $162 on this stock, despite the fact that it’s made a pretty big move today. I don’t know. I wasn’t able to get really good entries. I didn’t feel like I was really positioning myself in quite the right way, and so my profits on it are definitely smaller. That was VTGN, PXS.

CLRB, this one I’m up, let’s see, 12 bucks. It started to pop up. I jumped in as you can see, 5,000 shares at $0.56. Ended up selling at $0.58, $0.57, and $0.53. It just didn’t hold up, so I’m glad that with 5,000 shares, I’m able to keep the loss. I mean, $12 is basically a loser, but to keep it that tight is really, obviously, nice. Keeping those stops tight is important. We’ve got the PXS trade. We already went over that. DPW, another one that wasn’t particularly easy. Again, pretty … 3,000 share position, but didn’t follow through and so ended up just on this one basically getting out of it for a $44 loss. We had the first five-minute candle make a new high here. That ended up being a good pattern, but I missed that entry.

Lots of small trades today. CREG, not a very exciting one. In at $3.28, pops up to a high of $3.48. I sold some at $0.47 and $0.46, stopped out of the rest. Then LMFA, this was the one that I suppose was maybe the nicest trade. It opened up the most. I just didn’t do as well on it as I could have. As soon as I saw it hit the scanners, I jumped in at $3.33, 5,000 shares, $3.33. Jumped in. Now, it ended up squeezing all the way up to $5.33, which … that could have been a $5,000 winner. I’m only up 700 bucks on it, but when I first got in it, I felt like I had chased it a little bit. It was a little later in the morning at 10:30, so it was sort of like, “Oh, maybe I’m being too aggressive here.”

It pops up to $0.47, the half-dollar. That was my first target, the half-dollar, $0.15, $0.20. It hits that level and I’m selling some. I didn’t expect it to go all the way up to $0.65, $0.75, $0.85, and then pop up through $4.00. Just a little disappointing there, and then I got back in at $3.74, which was right here, anticipating the first five-minute candle to make a new high. That popped up, but then dropped down, so I lost $0.02 per share. Tried to put orders to sell at around $4.00 and $3.94, but those obviously didn’t fill. Stopped out for $100 loss and then I step away from my computer for a second and look. It goes from $3.80 right up to $4.35.

That was what I wanted it to do here and I walk away, I come back, and it did it, so that was annoying. I ended up jumping in on this little pullback up here at $4.20. As you can see, long at $4.20, selling at $4.29, $4.30, $4.31. High of day on this is $4.35. My best exit was $4.31, which is not bad. Anyways, that was the last trade of the day, got me up to $2.400 of profit, which is good. The green is good. I’m happy with that and it’s kind of helping me build up my cushion on the week a little bit. Right now, I’m only sitting up about 20 … I don’t know, maybe $3,000 on the week because I lost money on Monday, but made back those losses on Tuesday, yesterday, and now getting myself kind of back into the green. Still about $10K off of my $300,000 target for profit, but I’m just kind of grinding along, slow and steady.

IMMU, I can see this resumption here. Definitely a pretty big move. It’s one of those ones where you get those news trades that in the middle of the day, any time of the day, all of a sudden, stock could just totally take off. You can see it resumed at, let’s see … it was halted at $10.00. It resumed at $10.00, dipped down to $9.79, and then surged through $10.00 up to $11.85. Big move there for sure, so hopefully some of you guys, if you were willing to take the risk, were able to do something with that. The entry for me is usually over the high of the halt, which would have been $10.00 or on a first pullback. This hasn’t even given us a first pullback yet.

Anyways, that’s about it for me today. I’m going to do Warrior Procession here this afternoon at 3:00, so students, I’ll see you there. Everyone else, I’ll see you first thing tomorrow morning. All right? I hope you guys have a good afternoon and if you keep trading, make sure you trade smart and manage your risk. All right. I’ll see you guys all first thing tomorrow.

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