Day Trading +$5,772.95

Day Trading +$5,772.95 on $SPU $DRYS $RXII $CHNR $AGLE

What a fantastic start to the week! I wasn’t sure what trading would be like today. We had a snow storm last night and I was having some issues keeping a stable connection. I decided today would be a hit and run day. I’d grab what I could from the market then go back to sitting on the sidelines. What I didn’t expect was that this would be one of the biggest days of the month.  In our daily video recap (below) I walk through each of the trades I took today.


Video Recap on Today’s Day Trades

My Daily watch list of stocks to watch was published at 9:15am with just 2 names on watch. I was watching $SPU over 8.50 and $DRYS over 14.50. I traded both names out of the gates and made about $750 on those trades, then I started taking trades off the High of Day Momentum Scanner.  That’s where I found $RXII, $CHNR, and then $AGLE was  new alert from Benzinga.  The $AGLE alert was surprising.  The stock squeezed up and was halted in a circuit breaker after benzinga reported the headline “Aeglea BioTherapeutics Announces Publication in Nature Medicine Demonstrating that Targeting Tumor Oxidative Stress with AEB3103 Suppresses Cancer Growth in Preclinical Models [+]”.  Once the stock resumed I jumped in at 7.99 with 1500 shares.  I sold 750 shares at 10.34 (high of day), and the rest at 9.50.  Overall I made a quick $2,883.08 on this news alert.  That is the power of being quick with the hot keys!  I knew this one had potential, I just didn’t realize how much it could squeeze.  Unfortunately it seems the news was overdone as it came right back down almost as quickly as it went up.



Daily Profits

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