Proprietary Day Trading Scanners


Release Date – Oct 12th


Our Trade-Ideas Layout can be loaded from the CLOUD by copying this link ( ).

Then go to Trade-Ideas, File, Load from Cloud, and paste in this link.

Oct 12th Updates: Updated former runner & added Daily Bull Flag Scanner
Sept 27th Updates: Added a Former Runners gap scanner.  Looks at gappers based that were former runners.


Set 6th Updates: I made some updates including adjusting color settings and revising criteria for Momo scanner.  These were small changes.


June 16th Updates: I made some updates to the Momo scanner.  Blue alerts (Over $10), Yellow Alerts (Low Float), Green Alerts (medium float under $10).  Also tweaked a few settings in the Reversal scanners.  NEW SCANNER: A Bull Flag Finder.  Looking on the daily chart for stocks that have moved at least 50% in last 10 days.  These can be worth watching for first pullback on daily since so many traders are watching them.


May 25th Updates: I reduced the volume min from 100k shares to 40k shares for Low Float Massive Volume scanners alert.  I also added this same alert to the “Under 10” Scanning Window, and adjusted the “massive volume” and “movers” scans so they aren’t showing the same things as Low Float scanner.

May 17th Updates: I have added a new Reversal Scanner for a min of 7 consecutive red/green candles.  I like this one because it shows only the most extreme reversals.  I changed float settings on the Under $10 scanners.  I removed Pre-Market Movers scanners.


March Update: We made some changes, adding Pre-Market Movers, and then also adjusted the settings on reversal scanners.



You must have an active subscription with Trade-Ideas to run these scanners

Some of the scanners included in this package…


Momentum Massive Volume – Alert Type – NEW HIGH



Daily Breakout – Alert Type – NEW HIGH



Low Float Momentum Runner – Alert Type – NEW HIGH



Surging Up – Top List Scanner Type








Top Reversal Scanner V5 – Alert Type – NEW HIGH



Top Reversal Scanner V8 – Alert Type – NEW HIGH



Top Reversal Scanner V8 UNDER $15 – Alert Type – NEW HIGH



Bottom Reversal Scanner V5 – Alert Type – NEW LOW



Bottom Reversal Scanner V8 – Alert Type – NEW LOW



Bottom Reversal Scanner V8 UNDER $15 – Alert Type – NEW LOW