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Dow Jones Industrial Average Market Update

Dow Jones Industrial Average
Dow Jones Indices: DJI

Dow Jones Industrial Average Market Update

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, first computed on May 26, 1896, is comprised of 30 major American corporations. The Dow Jones Industrial Average stock market index is the index that reflects how the 30 components, or publicly traded companies, traded during an ordinary session in the market.


Year to Date $DJIA

Year to date, the Dow Jones has fluttered around a flat line between positive and negative territory as the majority of the market movements are being dictated by economic data, the Fed and finally the Greece debt concerns as we enter into the summer months. Market advances have been rather short lived. However, the small corrections have also held support levels and pivot points, thus suggesting it is just too early to get a clear read on accurate market direction into the next few months.


Responding to Greece

As of late, the constant news out of Greece regarding debt concerns and default has been responsible for the majority of the market movements and until resolved will continue to be of relevance in the near term. Along with Greece default, the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision also will also play a major role for further direction as the market awaits this significant verdict.
The aforementioned issues are in no way exhaustive of what will fuel the Dow’s direction into the slowed action of the summer months, although they are sure to have a noteworthy effect as they are currently the most pressing issues at hand.