HOMEWORK ALERT – Complete your Trader Assessment before starting Class 2

New Trader Assessment – Homework #1

Completing your homework is for your own benefit.  Answers should be in Paragraph form.  If you want to succeed as a trader, you have to show motivation & discipline.

*Required Trader Assessment before proceeding

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Trading Questions:

1. Why do you want to learn to day trade?
2. What are you going to do that is different from the 90% of traders who fail?
3. What are your daily, weekly, and annual profit targets?
4. What are you going to do when you have a bad day?
5. Why is reporting your trades important? What method will you use for reporting trade logs?
6. Are you planning to attend our Warrior Pro Mentor sessions?
7. Give me an outline of your trading plan if you were going to create one right now. Even if you are a very beginner, this will help you as you develop your strategy.
8. What time of day are you going to be trading?
9. How many hours/day are you going to be able to dedicate to studying?
10. What tools and services are you going to subscribe to while you are training?
Financial Questions:

11. How long could you sustain yourself right now if you didn’t have any income? How many months of savings do you have?
12. How are you going to support yourself financially during the time while you are trading in a simulator? Are you still working or have savings?
13. What size account will you be starting with when you go live?
14. Do you currently have a live trading account? If so, what broker are you using and what do you like/dislike about trading there.
15. If you’ve been trading with real money what are your profits/losses looking like?
16. If you’ve been trading with real money, what strategies are you implementing and what has been working/nor working?
17. When you trade in the simulator what will you do to make sure you treat it like real money?
Computer Proficiency Questions:

18. Describe your level of computer proficiency. Do you know how to use Excel, Word, Photoshop?  Do you know how to use copy/paste key commands?  Do you know how to adjust settings for an application?  Do you know how to install programs, do you know how to uninstall programs?
19. Are you currently using a Mac or a PC? Which are you more comfortable with?  Although both can be used for trading, a lot of the software professional traders use is Windows based.
20. Please take this Typing Test: http://www.typingtest.com/.  I would like to see your results 40 words per minute or higher.  This tells me you are pretty quick on the keyboard!  What were your results?

Welcome to your ACTIVE - DTC #1 Quiz

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1. What are the basic tools you need to start trading?
2. Before trading with real money, what do you need to do?
3. What is the float?
4. When you take a short position, how do you profit?
5. When you are shorting stocks, what do "days to cover mean"?
6. What does SSR Stand for?
7. What is a trip zero stock?
8. As an aspiring trader, which statement is the correct approach to trading?
9. How can I reduce risk as a trader?
10. What is the most important component of 30 day trading plan?