HOMEWORK ALERT – Complete your homework before starting Class 5

Chapter 4 - Windows, Stocks Charts & Candle Sticks: Homework #4

Completing your homework is for your own benefit.  Answers should be in Paragraph form.  If you want to succeed as a trader, you have to show motivation & discipline.

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1. Which chart time frames are most respected by day traders?
2. Which moving averages are you going to use?
3. What is the difference between a Simple moving average and an Exponential moving average?
4. What is the VWAP and how is it used by traders?

5. When should you use Bollinger Bands?

6. What does a Hammer candle represent when it’s in a downtrend?

7. What does a Doji candle represent when it’s in sideways consolidation?

8. What does a Topping Tail candle in a Uptrend represent?


Welcome to your ACTIVE - DTC: #4 Quiz

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1. All of the following are types of charts a trader uses EXCEPT:
2. Trader A says that stock charts are a form of technical analysis.  Trader B says that each candlestick represents a period of time.  Who is correct?
3. What is the min size a window should be on a daily chart in order to consider it of significance?
4. What is considered an “inside day?”
5. What is a choppy market and why do we avoid them as traders?
6. What is relative volume?