HOMEWORK ALERT – Complete your homework before starting Class 

Chapter 6 - Gap & Go Strategies: Homework #6

Completing your homework is for your own benefit.  Answers should be in Paragraph form.  If you want to succeed as a trader, you have to show motivation & discipline.

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1. Why do stocks gap up?
2. What are the Gap Criteria and which are the most important? What is the max float we would consider trading?
3. What is an exit indicator for a Gap and Go trade?
4. What is an example of a Gap and Go strategy?
5. When you are trading Gap and Go’s would you use hot keys?
6. When you are trading Gap and Go’s you have to be extremely quick (sometimes execute trades within seconds) Do you feel you have the mechanical aptitude to trade this quickly?
7. What type of stocks on the Gap Scanner would you ignore?

Welcome to your ACTIVE - DTC: #6 Quiz

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1. What is the min % Gap required for a Gap and Go stock?
2. Which criteria are important for a Gap and Go?
3. What type of strategy is required to trade gappers?
4. What is required to trade Gap & Go setups?
5. Can you trade Gap and Go strategies from an iphone?
6. When do you start taking profits on gap and Go setups?
7. Trader A says that you should focus on the one minute chart and not use the 5min chart for volatile stocks. Trader B says that you should use the one minute chart on higher priced stocks, over $10, but especially over $20.  Who is correct?
8. Trader A says that a momentum stock is a stock experiencing a strong trend.  Trader B says momentum ends typically when the stock reverses direction and breaks below its moving averages. Who is correct?
9. All of the following is a Gap and Go strategy EXCEPT:
10. Gap and Go trades typically last between: