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Welcome to your ACTIVE - DTC: #6 Quiz

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1. What is the min % Gap required for a Gap and Go stock?
2. Which criteria are important for a Gap and Go?
3. What type of strategy is required to trade gappers?
4. What is required to trade Gap & Go setups?
5. Can you trade Gap and Go strategies from an iphone?
6. When do you start taking profits on gap and Go setups?
7. Trader A says that you should focus on the one minute chart and not use the 5min chart for volatile stocks. Trader B says that you should use the one minute chart on higher priced stocks, over $10, but especially over $20.  Who is correct?
8. Trader A says that a momentum stock is a stock experiencing a strong trend.  Trader B says momentum ends typically when the stock reverses direction and breaks below its moving averages. Who is correct?
9. All of the following is a Gap and Go strategy EXCEPT:
10. Gap and Go trades typically last between:
11.  There are many days where we have very few stocks on watch because the gap scanner is dead.  This is when we depend on the High of Day Momentum Scanner.  When a stock hits the HOD scanner, what's the first thing we look for?
12. Which are viable strategies for taking a High of Day Momentum trade off the scanners?
13. We like to buy pullbacks, but at what point would we no longer be a buyer?
14. In order for a stock to hit the scanner, it must meet which of the following criteria?
15. Momentum trading is about capitalizing on breakouts.  This means we have to follow this policy.  Breakout or ______.
16. When stocks squeeze up more than 10% within a 5min period they can get halted on a circuit breaker.  What typically happens when a stock gets halted going up?
17. When a stock is halted on a circuit breaker and we aren't in it yet, where do we look to get in when it resumes trading?
18. As momentum traders, we are often buying stocks high, and selling them higher.  Remember, you can't go broke taking profits.  Take small gains when you have them.  Eventually those wins will get bigger.  As a scalp trader, what is a typical profit/loss ratio?
19. Emotions often run high in momentum stocks.  How can we capitalize on emotions without falling victim to them?
20. On a day when we've seen more than one stock hit a scanner and squeeze up 50-100%, when we see the next stock hit the scanner what should we do?