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Welcome to your ACTIVE - DTC: #7 Quiz

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1. What does RSI stand for?
2. If a stock sells off more than 10% in 5min what is a possibility?
3. If the airline sector is extremely strong what do you do when you see 4 airline stocks on the reversal scanner?
4. If the entire market is weak and there are lots of stocks on the reversal bottom bounce scanner how do you react?
5. Where do you set your stop on Reversal Trades?
6. When you see a reversal scanner alert what’s the first thing you do?
7. What time of day can you take reversal trades?
8. What makes a reversal trade especially appealing?
9. If a reversal trade doesn't work immediately, what should you do?
10. What is the first technical profit target point for a reversal trade?
11. As a reversal trader, what is a level we could look at for a stock to potentially reverse?
12. When looking for half dollar and whole dollar entries on a stock selling off, what is the best approach for taking an entry?
13. Would 10 consecutive candles on the 1min chart be as good of a setup as the 5min chart?
14. When a candle is outside the Bollinger Bands what should we expect?
15. What is the biggest challenge as a reversal trader?
16. What is a pin bar candle stick?
17. What is a topping tail candle?
18. How important is low float when taking reversal trades?
19. How important is relative volume for reversals?
20. If a stock has an RSI of 1 or 99, should we take a trade right away knowing RSI can't get any lower or any higher?