HOMEWORK ALERT – Complete your homework before starting Class 10

Chapter 9 - Stock Scanners: Homework #9

Completing your homework is for your own benefit.  Answers should be in Paragraph form.  If you want to succeed as a trader, you have to show motivation & discipline.

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1.      I want you to give me the anatomy of a pattern from the perspective of how you would scan for it.  Break down a pattern, either momentum based or reversal based, and tell me what data points you would want to see at a min for filters like Daily Volume, Relative Volume, Vol in the last 5min, Rate of Change today, Gap, Number of Consecutive Candles, RSI, Float, etc.

Welcome to your ACTIVE - DTC: #9 Quiz

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1. Can you trade blindly off trade-ideas stock scanners?
2. What does 5 minute volume surge filter mean?
3. What is the best way to find a bull flag pattern in real-time?
4. What can cause high relative volume?
5. What are reliable places to find breaking news?
6. What’s the first thing you check when you see a stock scanner alert on the HOD Momo Scanner?