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Welcome to your ACTIVE - DTC: #9 Quiz

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1. Can you trade blindly off trade-ideas stock scanners?
2. What does 5 minute volume surge filter mean?
3. What is the best way to find a bull flag pattern in real-time?
4. What can cause high relative volume?
5. What are reliable places to find breaking news?
6. What’s the first thing you check when you see a stock scanner alert on the HOD Momo Scanner?
7. Without even looking at the chart, which of the following can we conclude about CHCI by reading the scanner alert?

8. Looking at the scanner alert below, what can you assume about this stock?

9. Without even looking at the chart, which of these gappers is the most interesting?

10. Without even looking at charts, which of the following gappers is the most interesting?

11. When a stock hits the scanner multiple times in a row (4-5 times), what does that tell us?
12. If a stock has a reverse split and the float goes from 20 million shares to 2mil shares, what will the scanner show as the float on the day of the reverse split?
13.  You are welcome to utilize the scanners by watching screen share, however, to setup your own audio alerts, you will need to setup your own scanners.  Is this true?
14.  If a stock hits the scanner but has no news, is it worth watching for a trade?
15.  Can you setup automated trading based on scanner alerts?
16. Can we use Trade-Ideas scanners to scan for patterns?
17. What is the first thing we look at on a reversal scanner?
18. Can you scan for stocks that are currently halted?
19. What's the difference between high of day scanners and top lists?
20. How early should you start looking at the gap scanners each morning?