HOMEWORK ALERT – Complete this Quiz before starting Class 13

Welcome to your NEW DTC #12 Scalping

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1. When you're planning a scalp trade, where would you typically set your stop?
2. For scalping a stock into a halt, where is an acceptable entry?
3. When you scalp, where is a typical place to sell half and take your profits?
4. If you take a scalp trade and suddenly see a 30k share seller on the ask at 4.00, and you are long 5k shares at 3.89, what do you do?
5. If you are buying a 1min micro pullback where is your entry?
6. As a scalp trader, can you follow alerts from other trades?
7. If you've seen a stock move up over 100%, we expect to see FOMO.  How can you capitalize on it?
8. Where is the best place to find scalp opportunities?
9. In a strong market we can get away with chasing stocks and taking aggressive entries at half dollars and whole dollars even if a stock is extended.  Is this statement true or false?
10. Do scalp trades work well in a cold or slow market?
11. When is a stock no longer suitable for scalping?
12. What is a fast way to enter a scalp trade on a parabolic stock?
13. What is the greatest risk of a scalp trade?
14. Are former runners better for scalp trading?
15.  Scalp trading requires what type of tools?