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Warrior Trading Blog

Energy Stocks Spiking


Another day, and another daily goal in the first 30min of trading.  I killed it today on $LNCO with a quick winner right out of the gates.  This was an alert off our High of Day momentum Scanner that paid off big time.  I jumped into this one with 5k shares which was a little heavier than usual but I felt really comfortable with the liquidity and since the energy sector was spiking this was the right on.  I even considered doubling to 10k shares over 1.60 but hesitated and then suddenly it was at 1.70 and I decided to start scaling out.  A quick near $1k winner.  Great way to start the week!

Notice on the 30 second chart below you can see that momentary pullback under the 1/2 dollar. That was my entry. I got long for the break of the 1/2 dollar. My first order was a partial fill which I cancelled immediately because I saw the stock suddenly drop. I got filled at 1.43. Then I punched the order again over the 1/2 dollar and that’s where I got my full order. Total size was 5800 shares.