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Fast Profits – 33% in 45 Minutes

Fast Profits From NVDA 

That is, have you ever realized a 33% return on your investment that quickly? If you haven’t and are wondering how, the answer is options trading. I do it and I teach it full time, every day of the year. Today was no exception. After receiving an alert of an options sweep on NVDA, I reviewed the chart and determined there was upside opportunity on the daily chart (see below).



Now, as a swing trader, we don’t always get to see fast profits like we did today. Usually, it takes us at least a day or two. My average length of trade this year is right at 4.35 days. That means that I generally see profits between 4 and 5 days into a trade. In the last half of the year, it has been even quicker. Check out this banger we had on LUV in October!

I like to use the KISS methodology when trading. That is: Keep It Simple, Stupid. In today’s example, the process was the same as it always is, SIMPLE.


  1. Receive alert:  2170 NVDA Fri 12/9 95.5 Calls (Wkly) $0.30 NBBO=0.29-0.30 12:34:17.267 Delta=17%,  OPENING  OI=292 $92.14 
  2. Evaluate chart, fundamentals and technicals
  3. Enter order: Buy to Open xx Fri 12/9 95.5 Calls @ .30 LIMIT
  4. Once filled, enter sell order right away: Sell to Close xx Fri 12/9 95.5 Calls @ .40 LIMIT (Remember, my target on options trades is at least 30%)


It doesn’t get much easier than that! You can check out the video below for more details on the trade!