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Finishing The Morning +$4,958.81


Finishing The Morning +$4,958.81


Alright, everyone. So, we’re going to do our midday market recap, go over the trades from this morning. This is a great day, finishing up $4,958.81. Not bad for 45 minutes of trading. My last trade was at actually 10:10. So, 40 minutes of trading, $5,000. This is the second to last day of the year. Tomorrow is going to be our last day of trading. It will be my 236th day of the year. So, today is day 235. I’m just writing this in my calendar, $4,958.81. Not bad at all. Let’s see, I don’t know how many calendar days we had this year. Typically, we have around 250. Let’s see. Trading days in 2017, let’s see if there’s any quick Google search on this. I don’t know exactly how many, but it would be somewhere around 250. So, you know, I had a couple days where I came in and I didn’t trade. So, those days I didn’t count as a trading day.

I also had a couple days where I was traveling and for the most part, I always try to attach those to the beginning of a weekend. So, either a Friday or a Monday. I prefer Friday, because Mondays are usually pretty good for me. Fridays can be a little slow, but I took a few days throughout the year. For the most part, I was here just about every single day, which is really what I am for. So, anyway. That puts me up now on the year. Let’s see, it looks like in the small count, right around $332,000. Not bad at all. VTVT, I see it on the scans kind of squeezing up. It looks like a biotech therapeutic stock hitting a 200 moving average here. I think I kind of missed the boat on this one, so I’ll just wait until tomorrow and try to catch the next one that gives us some good momentum.

So, Kristopher saying 252 days this year. So, you know, I missed around 14, 15, 16 days of trading. That’s not too bad. I really try to be here every single day, but some of those days, like I said, I showed up, looked for opportunities, there was nothing worth trading, so I just didn’t take trades those days. That’s part of the deal, that’s okay. So, exciting news here. Yesterday, I took out $230,000 from my account, dropping it back down to $27,000. So, this looks like a really small number here compared to yesterday, so my buying power went from over a million dollars down to just $100,000. But, it doesn’t make any difference. As you can see, $4,958.00, this wouldn’t have been any different if I had the $250,000 in here that I had yesterday. So, it goes to show you that people that look at my account think “Well, you know. He’s making all this money, ’cause he’s got a quarter of a million dollars in there”. That’s not true. That’s not why I’m making that money. I’m not using the majority of that buying power. I just left it in the account as my account grew over the year, and now I finally took it out.

So, we’re starting 2018 with a smaller account. I was hoping to start right around $25-$26,000, but it looks like I’ll probably be starting around $32 or $33,000. That’s fine. It doesn’t really make that big of a difference. I just wanted to start with a smaller account, because many of us in this community trade with smaller accounts between $25 and $35,000, and when you make $5-$6,000, you take it out and drop it back down to $30,000. You make another $5-$6,000, you take it out, and so we keep our accounts usually on the small side, for most traders. Anyway, so, today, the account is up almost 20% in one day, which is really pretty cool. You can see the three stocks I traded today. Consistency, pretty good. Three stocks I traded and all three are green.

First trade of the day was ZKIN. ZKIN was squeezing up pre-market and blockchain. Cryptocurrency news. So, as soon as the bell rang, I was watching this for a possible trade out of the gates, and you can see here it immediately sold off. It dipped down, pulled back, and then I was kind of watching it right around this area of $1,486.15 thinking that if it broke over this moving average, which is the $20 moving average, that we would pop up and possibly re-test a high of day, which would be $16, and then if we could break 16, we could go back up towards $16.50, $17, and maybe hit retest the pre-market highs of $18.87.

So, I jumped in. I was going for 2,500 shares, but I filled only 1,800. Long 1,800 shares at $15. Then, I tried to sell at $15.49, no fill. $15.69, no fill. Ended up selling 225 at $15.49, 100 shares at $15.21, and the rest back here $15.07. So, you can see it popped up here, it tapped a high of $15.70, but it just didn’t hold that level, and it came back down. A smaller winner on it. $260 bucks and that was fine with me really. It didn’t workout, so I got out of the way. So, that was ZKIN and it’s just been drifting down, not really doing very much or looking particularly interesting. So, no other trades on that.

The next one was LINU, L-I-N-U, and this one was on our watch list pre-market. We were watching this one, because you can see here, it was gapping up from yesterday $1.30 all the way up to a pre-market high of $1.96 with news. The news was earnings. So, good news out on it and I was watching it for a possible trade out of the gates, but then I got distracted on ZKIN. For whatever reason, that was the one I was focusing on a little bit more, and I see this popped up to $2.14, it pulled back. It squeezed up to $2.30, pulled back. Up to $2.48 and I jumped in it at $2.50 for the break of the half dollar. So, I jump in at the half dollar break, it squeezes all the way up to $2.98. I really didn’t capitalize on it that well. I sold it really early. I got back in at $2.80, sold it at $2.94. Got back in at $2.88 and stopped out the rest of that at $2.82, so you know, I just didn’t really get a good trade on this.

Then, when it formed this nice pullback here, while it was doing that, I was then in KBSF and I was focused on that trade. So, only walking away with $535 on the name. Green is good, and that’s all good, and I’m glad that some of you made more on it than me, and did really well. First [inaudible 00:07:24] to make a new high at $2.70. This one popped up, squeezed up to $3.15. So, really nice there, but again, I missed it. So, while that was happening, I was trading KBSF. I see VTVT continuing to squeeze here in the background. So, again, this type serves mid-morning, lunchtime squeeze. It’s nice to see that momentum. This is a stock that’s been pretty clean today. Pullback there, pullback there. A pullback here, and now finally really getting some volume, and opening up. So, even though I’m missing it, I love seeing these opportunities, because it shows that traders that don’t mind sticking around and taking a couple more trades or being a little more aggressive, they’re still having opportunities to make some money. So, it’s nice to see that.

So, then, KBSF. Someone in the chatroom called this one out in the morning right out of the gates, like 9:35 as it was squeezing up here. And, you can see that it squeezed up and it hit a high of $5.02, and I looked at it at that time, and I thought well, the volume is really light, so I’m not sure, but I left it up on my chart. I was just sort of watching it. I just thought well, it’s not for me right now, I’ll just keep it on watch. Then, I see it curling up right here. So, when it was doing that, I had it still on watch and I pulled up to level two, so I type in KBSF and I was watching and it was at $4.85 by $4.95, and I started seeing some buyers come in. Some buyers at $95, $96. You can see here. Some buyers at $98, $98. And, right as we started to see this accumulation of buyers, these 10,000 shares that went through at $97, as I saw those go through, that’s the point where I finally said you know what, I’m going to jump in this at $5.00. It’s looking good. It’s looking like buyers are coming in and I think this might go higher.

It’s got a clean daily chart. It’s above the $200 with room up to $615 on the daily. It hit a high of $624. So, it really almost tapped that resistance point and then pulled back. So, I jumped in here at $5.00, and then it squeezed up. I tried to add a $5.50, it didn’t get filled. It squeezed up to $5.39, and it got halted, which kind of surprised me, because that was only .40, but I guess from a low of $4.85 up to $5.39 was enough for it to get halted. So, it was halted for 10 minutes. Then, it resumed, and you can see I added at $5.98 for the break of $6.00. This was kind of a little bit disappointing, because I added for the break. It popped up and I was able to sell half … Or no, I tried to sell half. I was holding 7500 shares at an average price of $5.32. So, I press my hot key to sell half. On the ask, it’s $6.19 and you can see I’ve sold $2,283 shares. I’ve got a partial fill on the ask. I tried to press the ask again. I didn’t get filled anything. I tried to sell the ask at $17, $19. No fills. I then tried to sell it at $95, no fill. I get filled a little at $602. So, I’m having a hard time getting filled.

I’m trying to put my shares on the ask and I’m not really getting filled. Partial, partial, partial. Then, finally, I sold the rest down at $63. So, 3,000 shares, losing .40 per share is about $1,200 dollars versus if I had been able to sell this at $95, or $6.00. So, I’m walking away with $4,159 on the trade, which is great, but a little disappointing that it didn’t hold up as well as I hoped it would. Although, I was not sure that we would have really good follow today, just because we’re kind of in this hot week of holiday trading. We’re seeing less volume in the market. You definitely see less traders in the chatroom. That’s an indication that a lot of traders all around the world are just taking this week off. So, there’s less buyers, less people interested. So, it’s not surprising that we’re seeing just kind sluggish price action.

You could look at the overall market. The overall market the last couple days, very light volume compared to what we were at like a month ago, you know? That’s typical between Christmas and New Year. So, I’m happy that I’m able to walk away here with $5,000 on the day, and my accuracy today, I took a total of let’s see, two, four, five trades, and I’m green on four out of the five. That last trade online, it was my only loser. So, 80% accuracy is not bad at all. That’s solid. So, anyway. That’s pretty much where I’m at here today. So, tomorrow, we’ll open up around $32,000 and first target is $50,000. Second target will be $100,000. Just keep building this account up. The goal is to take $583 and turn it into one million dollars. Right now, I’m at $332,000 of total profit. So, I’m about 30, 32%, 33% of the way there, which is good. 2018 is going to be all about building that account up and really trying to get it up towards a million dollars. I don’t expect to make $700,000 or $670,000 in 2018, but if I can do another $300,000, that would be great. Maybe $400 if we have some really good opportunities. If it’s a slow year and I do only $200,000, that’s fine.

Take it with a grain of salt. Some years a really great, some are a little slower. As long as we’re making progress and steadily moving up, then that’s the goal. So, starting in January, the focus will be consistency and discipline. So, that will be the name of the game. Now, let me open up the December challenge so we can see how things are looking here. Let’s see. Alright, Google Drive. There we go, December challenge. You can see I’m over here on the left. So, I’ve got two red days for the month of the December, not bad. I mean, as far as things go, being green, well, I don’t know how many days we have this month, but being green all but two days is, that accuracy is definitely on point. Mike is the same green, all but two days. He’s got a bunch of days though, where he didn’t trade. He came into the market, didn’t see anything good, nothing that was A quality, no trades. And, that’s okay. He makes up for it on the days that he sees good opportunities.

Not a lot of swing trades for Jeff. Roberto, pretty consistent. I don’t know where he’s at today. John, really solid. Couple … Slow start to the month. I know a week into the month he was kind of like “Jeez, I’m five, six days into the month.” I think he only went green going into the second week of the month, but look at him now. He’s up $44,000. So, you know. Don’t get bent out of shape if it’s a little bit of a slow start. You always have time to pick things up. So, that’s John. Sam, he switched over to trading cryptocurrency. Shawna trading a little bit on the more conservative side, which is fine. Let’s see, did I make that gray? Let me make it black. There we go. Tyler, swing trading. Doing a really good job. Just under $10,000 here. Robert doing well, thanks really to one big trade on the 22nd. John, inner circle student, doing really well here. Nate in good shape. So, really glad to see these students working so hard to stay in the green.

So, right now, we’re at $189,000, coming up a little short of our goal. We set the bar high, came in a little low, but I’m just glad to see across the board for the most part, good discipline, good focus on A quality setups, and I think this is nice for you guys to see what your fellow students have been doing this month. Alright, so. Anyways, that’s the update on the December challenge. We’ll finish this up here tomorrow with the last day. I’ll get everything tallied up and then updated on the website. All right, everyone? So, I hope you guys have a great afternoon. Relax a little bit and I will see you all first thing tomorrow morning, 9 a.m., back in the chatroom for pre-market analysis. Hopefully we’ll have a couple of good opportunities and we’ll be able to finish this year with a couple of green trades. That’s the game plan and I’ll see you all first thing tomorrow morning back there in the chatroom. See you guys in the morning.

Oh, hey. I didn’t see you there. I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade. Hopefully it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts any time I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing!