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Finishing the Nov $100k Challenge +$228,694.74

$100k challenge

Finishing the Nov $100k Challenge +$228,694.74


All right, everybody. We’re going to jump in here with our midday market recap, go over the trades from today. Today is the last day of November, so we are finishing the November $100,000 challenge with $228,000 in profit, which is really crazy. It’s $228,694.74 of total profit.

We’ve got a couple traders still waiting to update their trades from today, but right now, you guys can see … I’ll put up screenshare where we’re sitting today. It is really quite something. Yeah, $228,000. We killed it. That was awesome. It was me and nine other traders, and what a month.

Tomorrow is day one of the December challenge. We’re going to up the bar a little bit, and we’re going to go for the December quarter million dollar challenge. Starting tomorrow, December 1st, we’re going to start making our way up to a quarter million dollars by the end of the year.

You’ll see tomorrow, when I show you this new challenge doc for the month of December, we’ve got some new students who are joining us in the challenge. These are Warrior Pro graduates who are trading now live and making some good profits. I’m super excited to jump right into the month of December. Let’s look at how we finished up here in November.

You can see my P&L. Finished the morning up $1,233.78. For some reason, my equity is showing as zero, but they reset my buying power … Where was it? At one point, this had a message that they reset my buying power to $716,000. Something, I don’t know, must be happening. I don’t know what it is. I’m sure this’ll be reset tomorrow. It’ll be nice to see it not at zero anymore, but these things happen, so I’m not going to sweat it.

Anyways, finishing the morning here up 1,200 bucks, but you know what? It was not the easiest start to the day. I actually started this morning with two red trades right out of the gate. Whenever I start with two red trades, I definitely get a little iffy, because I’m thinking, all right, this might just not be the best day for me to be aggressive. I might want to scale back and reduce my risk. Very first trade of the day … Let me scroll up here. Let’s see.

First trade of the day was on BOSC. Now, BOSC was our leading gapper. This one was gapping up … Actually, no, it wasn’t the leading. It was, like, the second leading gapper. You can see pre-market high was $2.93, so I jumped into this for a break in the pre-market high. My entry, as you can see right here, was at $2.90, 5,000 shares. We popped up to a high of 97, so it was up seven cents. Then, it rolled over, and I stopped out at 72.

I lost a solid 900 bucks on that trade. 18 cents on 5,000 shares. Kept my loss tight, relatively speaking. 18 cents is a good, tight stop, but it was a little disappointing just to jump in and immediately get slammed back down. Next trade was CHFS. CHFS I jumped into right out of the gate. It started to squeeze up. I got in at $4.40 Squeezed up to a high of $4.53 I tried to sell half on the ask. I didn’t get filled. I sold the rest at $4.35, and on that one, lost about 270 bucks. Now I’m down, like, $1,000 on the day or 1,200 bucks on the day, and I’m thinking, okay, this is not looking good. I’m going to have to scale back, slow down.

My instinct was, all right, I want to get myself back to green. I’m going to have to start trading with bigger size. I’m going to have to take 10,000 shares and make 20 cents to get myself not just to break even but into the green. I said, “No, don’t do that.” Today, first two trades out of the gate, you lost money on. Let’s just slow down. Don’t be aggressive. Be reacting to the market the we’re in, not my P&L. So I said, “All right, we’re in a little bit of a choppy market.

Let’s take it a little easy.” IMMR. This one hit the scanners. I jumped in at $6.92. I didn’t go crazy on size, just kind of jumped in. Hit a high of $7.24. Was able to make $398 on that, so I was like, all right, there we go. 400 bucks. Getting myself kind of … Basically, not trying to get myself back to break even, just trying to reduce the pain a little bit of the loss. Now I’m down 700 bucks. I’m like, “All right, next trade.”

Next trade was XNET. XNET was on our scans for a bottom bounce reversal, sort of like a dead cap bounce, off of 50 moving average. I jumped into this as it was squeezing up. You can see this momentum here, this move from $11.50 all the way up to $14. I jumped in at $13.18 and $13.20 and sold at $13.34, a little at $13.40, and the rest at $13.28. So nice, solid trade there. $752, just kind of scalping that momentum as it was squeezing up. I didn’t get back in it in this area, because I was a little concerned about the 200 moving average, this red line here. So instead, I decided to just not go back in. 750 bucks is pretty good. With that, I was down only $11 on the day, and I was thinking, okay, there you go. Not bad. I’ve got a good chance here of actually getting into the green.

The next trade was ARDM. ARDM, kind of one of those surprise momentum trades. It hit our scanner, as you can see right here. It hit the scanner at $4.07, $4.13, $4.11, $4.20, $4.28, $4.35, $4.40. I jumped into it at $4.24 and $4.28. I got partial fills. I didn’t even get my full orders filled at this one. I tried to add at $4.50, but I couldn’t without canceling this order first, because I’d put a 5,000 share warning on my account. If I go more than 5,000 shares, it prompts me with a warning, and I wasn’t quick enough to override it, so it didn’t get filled. Ended up selling half at $4.60 and selling the rest as it squeezed up. It actually hit a high of $5. All the way to $5, but it didn’t hold that level, and it came back down. I stopped out of the rest at $4.52. With $863 on that one, I was now up on the day by about $850.

My last trade of the day was on CHFS, which I jumped into at $4.70. CHFS was showing a little bit of momentum. It was a little choppy this morning, but then it bounced back, so I jumped in it at $4.70 and sold on the squeeze up to $4.80. It was a little choppy for a second there, but sold at 77, 78, 80, 81, and the rest at 80. So that’s how you go from being down 1,200 bucks to being up 1,200 bucks. A nice turnaround today on the P&L for me.

Just happy to finish the month with another green day. In total, this month, I had only two red days. Granted, they were both pretty big, but only two red days, so I’m glad for that. Fairly consistent on the P&L. I’ll put out my statements for the month of November and a screenshot of my profit/loss ratio, my percentage of success and everything like that. I won’t have all of those numbers until tomorrow. I’ve got to wait for these trades to settle in my account or whatever. Then, tomorrow, I’ll be able to run a report and get that uploaded by the weekend.

Overall, it’s just a fantastic month. I mean, I pushed it pretty hard. I was pretty aggressive. I did have a little bit of a setback with a couple red days, but I was able to get myself pretty much back on the horse, slow and steady. Now I’m making my way back up towards $300,000 in trading profits for the entire year. Right now, I’m sitting at, like, 287. $287,000. Not bad. I’ve got $12,247 to go. That’s the goal for December for me, $12,000. 13,000 bucks. Get myself back up above 300K, close there at 300, and I’ll be very happy with that.

Anyways, that’s about it for me today. I hope you guys all had a decent day. It was a little choppy out there. Still not the time to be really aggressive on share size, but get in, capture those profits, and get back out, and then look for the next one. I’m going to do the same thing again tomorrow. It’s the beginning of December. I just want to start slow and steady, and we’ll see what the month has in store for us. I’m thinking it’s going to be pretty good.

Overall market right now is just absolutely monstrous. Fantastic week for long-term accounts. I mean, really quite amazing. I love seeing that. Definitely good for your 401(k)s and everything like that. It’s just what we like to see. Anyways, that’s it for me today, and I will see you all first thing tomorrow morning back in the chat room, and we’ll get December off to, hopefully, a strong start. All right, I’ll see you guys in the morning.

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