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Finishing the week +$8k

Finishing the week +$8k

This has been a really solid week.  It would be a perfect week if it weren’t for one pesky $2200 loss.  Monday I was out of the office, Tuesday was +$1200, Wednesday -$2200, then Thursday +$7500 and Friday +$2k.  Fortunately the strong finish to the week will put me up just under $10k on the month.  I always love getting myself into the drivers seat as early in the month as possible.  Now that I have a cushion going into next week I can ease back on risk and focus on ONLY taking the highest quality setups.  By focusing on the best, and leaving the rest, I should see increased accuracy through the end of the month.

Today I didn’t have a lot on my watch list but I kept a close eye on $COOL.  This was gapping up slightly vs the close yesterday and I thought there was potential for a follow through trade.  I jumped in long as soon as the bell rang and road the momentum up to 5.60 and then sold on the way back down.  In total I was able to lock up just under $2k profit with 10k shares in the first 5min of trading.  If I could do that every day I’d be able to make nearly $500k a year!  My goal is $1k/day which would be $250k in net profits but when I factor in red days, I adjust it down to $200k.  As of today I’m sitting just under $210k which puts me slightly ahead of my annual goal.

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