Going Full Time: Making the move out to the Warrior Trading Office!


Hello Warrior Traders, Arsh here! If you don’t know me, I’m one of the junior moderators at Warrior Trading. I’m in the chat room every day and I often share my analysis on the markets, as well as my own trades. Recently, I decided to go full time with the company by making the move out to their California office. I am now helping the company on all fronts! This has been an extremely exciting process, and it has now been roughly 2 weeks since I have been working out of the office.

It feels crazy to write this article and share it with you guys because I could have never imagined back in May or June of 2015, when I first signed up with Warrior Trading, that I would eventually end up working with the company! I’ve been incredibly passionate about Warrior Trading since I first signed up as a student. I was able to turn myself around as a trader under the guidance of Mike, one of the three senior moderators.

For this reason, I am truly honored to be in a position where I will be able to work with the company behind the scenes in making the Warrior Trading experience the best it can possibly be. I believe that because I was a student myself, I will be able to provide great insight to the team about how we can increase student satisfaction and success.

Ultimately, its the students that have helped the Warrior Trading community to flourish, so its only right for us to ensure that we are doing our best to make sure every student is satisfied with the Warrior Trading experience.


full time


My experience at the office thus far has been nothing short of amazing. The team has been extremely warm and welcoming. They hooked me up with an amazing workstation, as you can see above.

I believe I was working on a few support emails at the time. One of the perks of the job is that I am still able to devote a few hours in the morning to trading the markets. This has been really exciting for me because now that I am full time with Warrior Trading, I no longer have to rely solely on trading as an income.

The markets have really good times, and really bad times. When the bad times come, you have to be able to rely on something other then trading income. I will continue to share my market analysis and trades with you guys, though I will probably not be able to spend as much time in the chat room.

However, to make up for that, I will begin doing a weekly stock market analysis, which will review trades that I have taken in the week, as well as trades I will be possibly looking to take in the following week. I look forward to seeing everyone in the chat room!