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Warrior Trading Mentors & Instructors

Ross is a full time Day Trader and the founder of Warrior Trading. He runs the Day Trading Chat Room each morning with live screen share, audio/video, and market commentary. In the afternoons he works with students in the Warrior Pro & Inner Circle courses. He is primarily a long-biased trader focused on trading momentum stocks priced under $20.00.
Mike is a full time Day Trader and a trading mentor at Warrior Trading. His trading style is deeply rooted in technical analysis using daily support and resistance levels. Mike primarily trades stocks priced above $20 and trading on high relative volume due to breaking news. You will find him regularly trading stocks like Facebook, Tesla, and Twitter.
Jeff is a full time Day Trader and Swing Trader. At Warrior Trading, he is a trading mentor and provides swing trading education to students in the Warrior Pro and Inner Circle courses. Jeff’s swing trading style has evolved to include simple and complex Options Trading strategies for students who want to learn more about how to leverage their money.
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Chat Room

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Warrior Starter

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Warrior Pro

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