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How did our Students Perform?

How did our students perform this week?



We make it EASY for our Students to Profit – I said I will buy $CDTI over 2.45 at 9:15am.

Quote from Students

09:36 R M: out CDTI from 2.35-3.04

09:33 D S.: made $270 thks ross

09:36 J F: daily goal hit on that one…kaboom! Nice trade CDTI Ross

09:36 S W: Ive seen enough I need you in my life Ross!!

09:41 A M: $500 AVEO & CDTI.  Thanks, Ross!

09:54 b m: +.22 and +.13 on my CDTI trades, thanks Ross. great start to the day!


A great week for Day Trades & Swing Trades as we saw over 118% in wins

What a week folks. We NAILED some massive wins, 3 out of 4 were good for 30%+ home runs. In the video below, I discuss each trade in detail, from scanner alert to trade execution. These are great examples of what using a consistent strategy with good risk management can do for you. The same strategy that found and had me in the driver seat of these 30% winners is the same strategy that has made over $45k this year swing trading alone.

As swing traders, we come and go in the markets at our whim and can be part time traders without the stresses from day trading choppy markets. I am also a day trader, but because of my experience and knowledge of the markets, I can utilize capital in my account that would otherwise just be sitting over night not earning me any money. Swing trading opens the doors to lower stress profit making and is easy enough to learn that you can do it from a smartphone on your lunch break at work. The same strategies that I use day after day, week after week can be found here in my 5 day swing trade and options course. Not to mention, swing trade students get a copy of my $1k scanner package that I use to find these trades, for free.

Take a look at the charts for these trades and you will find something they all have in common. If you can’t see it, contact me at [email protected] and I will walk you through how to find setups like these and others. Join us to receive real time chat, email and SMS text alerts for all entries and exits. You will also receive a daily watch list of the stocks I am watching and what my entry trigger, stop price and profit targets are….ahead of time! Three out of four of these trades came off the watch lists that I send out daily. Again, congratulations to all our members who took these trades and made a killing.


Day Trades from the Week


$BLFS the 1min Opening Range Breakout long over 2.50

blfs-1min orb

From the Watch List

$BLFS – Watching possible long over 2.40 (6mil share float gapping up 15%) vol is very light, needs more buyers.

Pre-Market Gap Scan



We NAILED $CDTI off the watch list this morning.


From the watch list:

CDTI: Clean Diesel Technologies – The Company announced very positive results for its “SpineI” technology, a proprietary system that reduces exhaust emissions and expected to drastically reduce the cost for auto manufacturers to attain the clean air standards. Gapping up 14% with a 13.3M share float.

I bought $CDTI long at 2.45 and scaled out on the move to 3.30 for a quick 10% avg return.  Fortunately, i’m not the only one who took the trade!  Many of our students are ALSO profiting from these setups.  We trade a very simple momentum day trading strategy.  I teach this strategy in our day trading courses.