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How to Make a Swing Trade Watch List

How to Make a Swing Trade Watch List

As a professional trader, and head swing trader at Warrior Trading, I get asked a TON of questions. ALL of which are meticulously addressed in my swing trade video lessons HERE. I recently released Chapter 3 of 5 from one of my previous swing trading courses, so that you could see a little bit of what is covered in the material and how profitable swing trading works. The whole point of the “How to Make a Swing Trade Watch List Video,” was to give people a peak into the daily process of a trader and answer the questions that I have been receiving.


What goes into a Swing Trade Watch List?

Keep in mind, building a Swing Trade Watch List is just one part of what a good swing trader does. Some of the factors and tools that must be considered in ANY trader’s watch list are the following:

  1. A good scanner/stock screening algorithm
  2. Risk management, and more importantly, profit to loss ratios. (Where are you buying and where are you selling, what is your target and what is your stop?)
  3. Technical analysis, defined HERE, for you newbies
  4. Fundamental analysis, defined HERE
  5. Discipline, confidence and awareness of what the broader markets are doing.


At Warrior Trading, part of being a member means not only do you have me, a full time trader working for YOU, but you also get MY daily watch lists, complete with due diligence, entry prices, stop prices and target prices. You will NEVER not know when or where I am looking to buy a stock for a swing trade. I send out my daily email to traders the night before. Then, any swing trades I take get alerted via SMS text, email and in our Chat Room, all in real time.


Maybe you aren’t just a swing trader, it’s ok, I am not JUST a swing trader either. I day trade too. A good carpenter has more than just one or two tools in his tool box. Being a good trader is no different, you have to have different tools for different jobs in different market conditions. For day trading, I refer to our commonly used and FREE to learn, day trading strategies HERE. If you are a new trader, read our getting started guide HERE, to make sense of what we are talking about. If you want to see all this trading in action, signup to be notified of our next FREE CHAT DAY!


Below is a video where I built my swing trade watch list live for the world, for live trading on Thursday, January 21, 2016. Feel free to compare notes on what I predicted and what actually happened… Let me know what you think or if you have any questions, [email protected]



How to Make a Swing Trade Watch List – Video