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2019 Inner Circle Conference

South Beach, Miami | December 2019

An exclusive event for traders to come together

“We’re looking for a few more determined traders that want to achieve freedom…”

The Inner Circle program is currently full and not accepting new members. Filling out this application will place you on the waiting list for the program if we have openings in the future… You may still be eligible to attend our Inner Circle Event in Miami in December 2019. Submitting this application will send you an email with further instructions.

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From Ross Cameron’s Trade Room

Dear Fellow Trader,

We’re seeking a handful of qualified, determined traders who are interested in going through the most transformative trading process available.

So if you want to take your trading to the next level, build key relationships with experienced traders (even lifelong friendships), and have fun doing it…

…then pay attention to what I’m about to share with you in this message. This is a highly coveted invitation to a very special group of traders who want to experience their highest level of personal and trading success.

“However, before we go on, I will warn you that this isn’t for everyone, and not every trader who applies is going to qualify.”

If you’re afraid of being held accountable for your trading results–and you’re happy with getting the same results you’re getting today for the next 1-10 years–then this is not for you.

If you’re not someone who is positive, supportive, teachable, and open to transformational shifts that lead to profitable and consistent trading, then this is not right for you.

If you buy into “get rich quick” trading schemes or you have “shiny object syndrome” and jump from one opportunity to the next with no long-term focus, then you can stop reading now because we are not a good fit.

And if you believe that becoming a master trader is a solo sport, and you do not want a circle of highly experienced and successful traders who have your best interests in mind to help guide your decisions so you can act with confidence–then again, this is not the community for you.

With that being said, let me ask you an important question: have you found a way to consistently make money trading stocks? a way that lets you confidently trade and live a lifestyle of freedom while taking your trading to next level?

If you’re like the vast majority of people, you answered “no” to that question.

Millions of people daydream about being able to trade stocks and consistently come out ahead…. But only a tiny fraction of those people ever make it happen.


There are three reasons, really.

The 3 Biggest Obstacles for Beginner & Experienced Traders

The first is fear.

This is what keeps most would-be traders from ever opening a brokerage account in the first place. They’ve heard horror stories from friends and coworkers about how they set out with a “sure fire” trading strategy that was supposed to make them millionaires overnight, but instead left them without any of the money they’d worked so hard for.

If this sounds familiar to you, I understand. It can be hard to take that first step toward trading (even if you’re just planning to trade on a casual basis), simply because the risk seems enormous!

The second reason is the lack of proven trading knowledge.

What I mean is this: get-rich-quick trading strategies are everywhere. Chances are, you know someone who thinks they have a “foolproof” strategy for making millions in the stock market overnight.

Or you’ve been looking for investment advice online and stumbled upon a half-dozen articles touting the “next big thing” in millionaire trading.

But, try to find a methodical, well-tested approach for repeatedly making money from your trading efforts, and you’re probably going to end up empty-handed.

Either way, the result is the same: you either put off getting started (and rob yourself of your dream), try out a few “miracle strategies” and then get out when you start seeing losses, or keep trying for quick riches and end up losing your entire investment (and sometimes even more)!

The third reason is the community.

Did you know that your behavior is shaped most by the 5 people you invest the most time with?

What this means is that if you surround yourself with people of a certain mindset, experience, and personality, you will no doubt be influenced by those people, whether you want to or not. Not just as traders, but as human beings, we are a product of our environment, and the people we surround ourselves with have an influence over us. Just think about your 5 closest friends and how many similarities, behaviors, and decisions you’ve built around them.

Now imagine if you were in a private room and the person to your left and the right were both high level experienced traders that are living the freedom trading lifestyle.

Do you think that would help you achieve your goals with trading faster? No doubt. Not to mention, Inner Circle members have an opportunity to fly out and meet directly with me and the team at Warrior Trading twice a year.

Behind the Scenes of a Previous In-Person Closed Door Trading Inner Circle in Las Vegas:

Why Warrior Trading’s Inner Circle™ is an exclusive group of highly profitable Warrior Traders that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be:

“What Do Current Inner Circle Members Have To Say?”


Watch These Behind The Scenes Success Stories From First Ever Inner Circle.

Here’s 5 Reasons to Join 
Warrior Trading Inner Circle™ Today

1. Proven High-Level Trading Strategies

There are specific, tested trading strategies and tools that can empower you to start trading (or amp up your trades) while minimizing your risk of loss and maximizing your potential for gain.

What that means is that, by losing less and winning more often, you end up with a net profit without all of the risks, sleepless nights, and stomach knots that come with high-stakes, “get-rich-quick” trading.

The measured, well-planned approach I’m talking about won’t put millions in your bank account by this time tomorrow. But if you’ve ever dreamed of successfully profiting from stock trading, it can give you the power to put a few hundred (or a few thousand) extra dollars in your pocket without much stress or worry if you have the “right” education and pro trading system.

And if you’re willing to commit to learning the correct trading methods from the ground up, and to building and fine-tuning your skills as you go, you can potentially start a part-time (or even full-time) trading career… and finally, have the freedom and financial stability you deserve.

2. Five 1-Hour Private Mentor Sessions

You will connect and mastermind with high-level private traders from around the world in the Warrior Trading Inner Circle chat room.

All Inner Circle Members will have 5 1-Hour Mentor Sessions with professional traders and educators in the Warrior Trading community.

During these mentor sessions, we’re available to answer your questions, guide you in the right direction, and help you overcome obstacles in order to transform your trading and become another Warrior Trading success story.

3. Exclusive Access to Highly Coveted Warrior Trading Resources

Receiving the entire Warrior Starter and Warrior Pro courses, Inner Circle students also have the opportunity to fly out and meet directly with Ross & the team at Warrior Trading twice a year.

The Inner Circle includes 1 year of access to our entire Warrior Starter & Warrior Pro trading courses, 1 year of 6x weekly small group mentoring in our online classroom, 1 year of chat room access in the exclusive Inner Circle live trading chat room, and 1 year of simulator access.

4. Successful & Profitable Traders at Your Side

Typically we will have 3 small group study sessions each week in our online classroom. Our mentors will meet with students in these study groups to review trades from the week and post a progress report.

We like frequent meetings because it gives us the opportunity to see your trades and understand your thought process. Mentor sessions are typically 30-60 min long, though some may run short while others run long.

Many students find the mentor sessions have been significant in establishing their foundation as a trader. Our goal is to see you succeed. We will do everything we can to help give you a foundation for future success. All study group mentor sessions will be recorded and archived so students who miss sessions can catch up on the material.

Outside of these mentor sessions, Inner Circle members get prioritized attention from our team of traders to ensure the best experience.

5. Best Result-Driven Education

Every day, I get a minimum of 250 emails with requests, questions, and problems that beginner and experienced traders from around the world looking for answers.

As an exclusive Inner Circle member, you’re getting to skip the line and get my priority attention and personalized help every time. I want to work with you (if you qualify) and see you get results, fast. That’s why I’ve designed the Inner Circle so that members are well connected with each other and with myself as well, so you can be held accountable and get more things done.

I couldn’t possibly list everything you’re going to learn and all of the tools you’re going to get when you take advantage of the Warrior Trading Inner Circle™… but I wanted to give you an overview so you can feel confident that this one of the most comprehensive, high-value trading education systems available.

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