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$LEU Energy Stock Powerhouse


Another monster day in the room. This one was so beautiful.  From my Watch List this morning “$LEU possible long over 2.00 – Centrus Energy announces it has signed new sales contracts in the last nine months; contracts have an aggregate value of ~$165 mln w/ deliveries through 7:31AM EST)“.  I told everyone in the chat room $LEU was my favorite because it was a low float stock with a clean daily chart, and it had pre-market consolidation below the whole dollar, $2.00 spot.  I said this is the one I like for a break of $2.00 out of the gates.  Market opens, and I punched the order at $1.99.

Unfortunately I had typed 5000i shares stead of 5000, and my order got rejected.  So depressing!  That would have been an instant $1k+ winner on the pop to 2.30 and 2.40.  Fortunately many of our students hit that winner.  Sometimes they run without me.  I jumped in for the break of $2.50 (half dollar roll), and then scalped the break of $3.00 (whole dollar roll).  In total, I still pulled over $800 profit out of the market today despite missing the easiest trade of the day.  Another daily goal in the first 30min.  I traded 4 times today, and was green on all 4 trades.  Yesterday I traded 4 times and was green on all 4 trades as well.  So this week I’m batting 8/8.  No bad at all!




There is NO EXCUSE for missing this one.  This stock was on our FREE watch list this morning.  Anyone could have seen this setup, it doesn’t get more obvious than this.  If you missed this, you need to focus on education!  Make sure you understand the setups and are trading the right stocks each day.  We’re here to help you!  Make sure you book mark the watch list and check it each morning.  I update it between 9-9:30 as I’m reviewing the pre-market movers in the chat room.  We’ve had a huge start to the week.  Are you ready for tomorrow?!  I can’t wait for the bell to ring at 9:30!!