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$LEU Energy Stock Powerhouse

Another monster day in the room. This one was so beautiful.  From my Watch List this morning “$LEU possible long over 2.00 – Centrus Energy announces it has signed new sales contracts in the last nine months; contracts have an aggregate value of ~$165 mln w/ deliveries through 2022Briefing.com(Tue 7:31AM EST)“.  I told everyone in the chat room $LEU was my favorite because it was a low float stock with a clean daily chart, and it had pre-market consolidation below the whole dollar, $2.00 spot.  I said this is the one I like for a break of $2.00 out of the gates.  Market opens, and I punched the order at $1.99.

Unfortunately I had typed 5000i shares stead of 5000, and my order got rejected.  So depressing!  That would have been an instant $1k+ winner on the pop to 2.30 and 2.40.  Fortunately many of our students hit that winner.  Sometimes they run without me.  I jumped in for the break of $2.50 (half dollar roll), and then scalped the break of $3.00 (whole dollar roll).  In total, I still pulled over $800 profit out of the market today despite missing the easiest trade of the day.  Another daily goal in the first 30min.  I traded 4 times today, and was green on all 4 trades.  Yesterday I traded 4 times and was green on all 4 trades as well.  So this week I’m batting 8/8.  No bad at all!